PS3 And Change Announce Collaboration

PS3 presents the world’s most powerful AC regenerator for high-end AV systems in conjunction with change. Of course: Electricity comes out of the socket, in almost all German households. But power is not equal to the current. There is quite qualitative differences. What appears to be good enough for standard electricity consumers, many quality-oriented audio and video fans is a thorn in the side.

Because in Germany hardly a power supply delivers clean flowing energy. Too many confounding factors polluting the stream in the local area network, circulate for interference and thus the voltage from the socket easily vary. The results are poor sound or image errors. Voltage spikes and general power surges that can quickly cause damage to more expensive electronics are also dangerous. So then even a complete failure of sensitive components will be risked.

Our unique solution to this problem comes from the Canadian specialist of energy change. Connected to the mains socket, the system provides new and clean energy downstream systems and isolated them safely from the remaining power supply. When power has to be perfect, is local regeneration\”with change the solution. Comparable with a high-quality battery the high-tech delivers solution best shielded stainless flow regardless of mains fluctuations. The batteries of the PurePower systems provide for complete independence from the power grid. So, the supplied electricity directly from the battery, comes what is resistant to errors of the grid, such as a total blackout, the connected systems. The PS3 GmbH in Rheine is now bringing the PurePower innovative products on the German market. The cooperation is a milestone in our company history. The latest AC regenerator of PurePower are capable of power amplifiers of the reference class to new, dynamic height. We represent change nationwide and are sure that the audio and Videophilen product line is make enthusiastic waves\”, according to Managing Director Christian Ahrens.