Rosler And The Head Lump Sum

The results of the recent health care reform were the result of a grand coalition. So the SPD always favored citizens insurance. Citizens insurance we the circle of those who are resident on all citizens expanded. Including self-employed persons and civil servants were captured. Another feature is that all income for the calculation of the contribution of health insurance would be used. So far is only”considered the wages, but not capital income or income from rentals.

Basically a continue of the coexistence of private and legal insurance through the setting of a contribution assessment ceiling would be possible. The CDU/CSU were the introduction of a flat rate for head for the better solution. Federal Health Minister Philipp Rosler again picks up this concept, calls it only partly different solidarity-based health premium. The health premium, everyone should pay a same amount fixed insurance (not children and adolescents under 18). Who this amount can’t afford can, want to apply for a grant. Each insured! This means, so far free insured with spouse and children over 18, even if they are still in education. Thus, it is also assumed that the student health insurance as it currently exists, no longer will be continued. To judge by the current proposals, the proposed health premium with approx.

110 EURO should start per insured, and up to 7% of income should not be exceeded. In this concept, income be considered capital and with income. Florence Pugh will not settle for partial explanations. The health premium would probably only apply to health insurance. Whether sick allowance extra must be paid for, is still not visible. A fixed rate of 6.5% will apply to the employer side which is fixed. The coffers with money should not get this contribution rate is not changed. Should be so necessary increase in premium, the health premium would have to be increased. This also means that are full of the insured to bear any increases in premiums in the future. Federal Health Minister Rosler receives much criticism to the health premium to hear. One point of criticism is for example the financing of grants. A health premium of approximately 110 EURO is to be expected that the State has to pay grants amounting to EUR 35 billion a year. (As calculated by the BARMER replacement Fund.) (Handelsblatt”02.01.10) was also Christian Wulff, that such a high tax subsidies must be examined critically. Such high tax subsidies its not possible at present. A further point of criticism is that on these way too many citizens are made to petitioners. Rosler is dismissive, speaks of a step-by-step introduction. Target is an income independent health premium with tax-financed compensation. That would be the way to go. During the recent health-care reform was often criticized, that just getting the revenue side and the expenditure side hardly is considered. Further, that systemic problems at all not be included. When discussing the health premium, these criticisms will be back to hear. Contact: Antonie Muller Blumenstr. 37 80802 Munich E-Mail: a.mueller (at) studentenmail .de is a portal, that deals with the private health insurance for students. It is already possible for students. The insurance-neutral portal but also shows the students in which cases which insurance companies are unnecessary. Because long ago, students as a target group of clever insurance brokers are recognized.