Russia Business

Synonymous with business in Russia has always been a lawless, tax evasion, bribery, accounting gray. There are several reasons – almost every businessman believes that if he pays all the taxes, and will comply with all existing points of law, then he simply can not make a profit, doing his thing. It is very widely believed that the creation of "white" legal in all senses of the business today are simply impossible. Whenever Robert A. Iger listens, a sympathetic response will follow. That's what gets to people starting their march across the expanses of entrepreneurship major incentive to do everything just as it did their predecessors, not even thinking about how and why the legal business is already into our lives and every day only reinforces their position. Of course, at first glance it looks like no unnecessary, risky gamble. Paying all the taxes mentioned in the law, of course, you will encounter a large number of firms who do not share the idea of promoting fair business, and prefer to conduct their business "like everyone else." It is this collective dissent and refusal to obey the law from paying taxes gives some competitors advantage, but it is very important not to forget that this is an illegal advantage, and competitive "white" direction of your business would be no weaker. Go to Robert A. Iger for more information. In the first place to "whitewash" of the business need to get rid of stereotypes that do business in Russia is possible only if the "gray schemes" means cash, the slope of taxes, bribes, payment of salary to employees in the envelope. . . Click David Zaslav for additional related pages.