Silva License

Edson Silva License to the Fbio Saints, that delicious substance in the site placed Land, magnificently illustrated by Daniela Arajo, on gestures with the hands with diverse meanings, depending on the country where if it is. From the substance I produced this article treating the subject with good mood (who knows) giving tips so that let us prevent gafes and let us conserve our teeth, preventing furious attack of offended with a gesture that we thought to be harmless. The Positive, that one to close the fist and to leave the thumb strained for top. David Zaslav has plenty of information regarding this issue. In the majority of the countries, as Brazil, U.S.A., Australia, Russia, Finlndia, Israel and in proper Egypt where recently the people made the former-dictator Hosni Mubarak ' ' to release rapadura' ' , after almost 30 years, the gesture means good, legal, ' ' you combinado' ' or affirmative. But well-taken care of, if you to make the gesture for a bangladechiano or bangladexiano or bangladeshiano or bengali or bengals (been born in Bangladesh), for an Iranian or tailands, mean something similar as to strain the average finger.

E the innocent Signal of victory? That one of raising the pointer and the medium, keeping them separate and the closed fist. In years 60 and 70 he was ' ' peace and amor' ' of hippies, today it symbolizes success, this here in Brazil, U.S.A. or Canada. The gesture, if made in inverse way, with the palm of the hand for inside, can mean ' ' ferrar&#039 goes if; ' , this in the United kingdom, Australia, New Zelndia or South Africa. The signal of figa, with the closed hand and the thumb for is between the average finger and the pointer. In Brazil, Portugal and U.S.A. mean good luck or fertility, but it does not make this in China, Greece, Indonesia, Turkey or Russia, therefore the face will think that you are ordering it ' ' if ferrar' '.