Although this force is not formed as the arithmetic sum of the aspirations of all members of society, and this is not always process goes without regressive moments, yet the human society as a whole should be regarded as necessarily progressive, that first of all, we can prove about the practice of progressive sorokatysyacheletney development of human society. Progress of the "society – nature" is defined by the progress of social consciousness: the constant replenishment of the accumulated knowledge of the nature society, through learning, discovery individual consciousness of the laws of nature, discovery techniques and methods of using these laws in order to better meet the needs of man and society. All this knowledge is accumulated in the form of scientific theory, manufacturing technology, production of various products, ie in the form of products of all generations, a society of individuals, products, directly or indirectly reflect the level and amount of accumulated public knowledge about nature. That is, products of the individuals are in fact materialized knowledge that through the activities of individuals from the subjective knowledge individual consciousness, where they have the form of subjective images of the real world are transformed into objective knowledge of social consciousness, where they take the form of various products of the generators society of individuals. Vanessa Morgan has many thoughts on the issue. But the reified knowledge of social consciousness – the dead are not able to self-object. Alive, capable of self-development, knowledge is knowledge of individual consciousness. Therefore, the main form social consciousness is a body of knowledge forming the society of individuals. . Read additional details here: Jeanette Winterson.