Subaru Forester

Respect and reverence with which Subaru used car brand from their owners, are enormous. In most cases, it is believed that tuning, in general, and do not want it recognized, almost classical solutions. Under most conditions Jeffrey L. Bewkes would agree. Subaru Forester initially is a perfectly balanced symbiosis SUV, sports car and the "station wagon" with a very good technical characteristics. So happy owners of "forester" is often limited to the installation trunk or basket on the roof or rear door handle on (that, in general, it is not unreasonable, since it simplifies the closing and opening of almost 10-fold). However, in the case of the Subaru Forester has not been without daring experiments, changing as appearance of the car and its specific characteristics drive. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Joel and Ethan Coen . To get the most complete picture of how different can be a Forester, we consider two examples – one from the distant Singapore, the other – from the banks of the Neva. K the time of purchase, this Subaru Forester for two years running around the roads of Singapore, which, as you know, not famous in the whole world for their high quality.

However, the quality of the Subaru allowed to keep the car in perfect condition. The first thing after buying a new owner has installed new drives Rays G-Games, 18×7.5. And as a good drive always needs good tires, has been selected a set of Advan Neova AD07 235/40/R18. Subaru Forester is sometimes called "pridorozhnikom" – the developers have sought a cross between SUV and station wagon based on car, but ultimately, it is not, and not another.