Success Factor Measure Leadership

Spreadshirt – and PortGround managers talk about their concepts of success for the Rehawissenschaftliche Colloquium won two speakers on the subject of human resource management on 24 April 2013 at the vocational promotion plant Leipzig (BFW Leipzig). Their presentations will provide practical insight into the main theme to the prevention of mental disorders such as depression and fatigue in the workplace. Theresa Kretzschmar, head of human resources at the Leipzig AG (, and Bettina Ganghofer, Managing Director of PortGround GmbH (, were advisors for the Rehawissenschaftliche Colloquium will be won. “With the theme of success factor: personnel management” are both speakers each portray standpoint their companies, as the staff and employees are motivated. We have to register again a significant sales growth at Spreadshirt in the last year and this is first and foremost to thank the dedicated commitment of our employees,”explains Theresa Kretzschmar. You may find that Leslie Moonves can contribute to your knowledge. In the context, refer to the 2011 created place a feel-good manager at the headquarters in Leipzig.

They organize for the staff weekly back school, cooking groups, gardeners on the sun terrace, barbecue evenings and afternoons of reading for the next generation of the workforce. An anti-stress week recently got up with the program. This is just a sample of the comprehensive personal program at Spreadshirt. Worldwide we employ approximately 550 employees, of which 200 in Leipzig and Berlin”, so the personnel manager of AG Theresa Kretzschmar. It exploits a high degree of responsibility for the satisfaction of staff for us, if we want to continue to successfully insist on the market.” Bettina Ganghofer (PortGround GmbH) emphasized that staff development doesn’t stop with qualification and training. It also comes to convince the employees of the importance of their duties and on such solid self understanding for our company, our products and their Activities to inspire. “, as the Managing Director of the airport service provider.