Ruban Advertising

On the one hand staff to understand the small and medium companies may be advertising. On the other hand, the unfolding of advertising digital signage network may be able to at least the operator regional advertising or ctv or commercial structure, which have a creative departments, understanding the clients' interests and needs assessment of the market. sbl, as an integrator, understands that we need outreach Work on the proposed technologies Vitze. At the same time do not need to disengage from the world of experience in evaluating the effectiveness of advertising. The of print and outdoor advertising for several years inform the advertising world on new trends and methods for evaluating the effectiveness of advertising. TGNI is actively involved in the matter. Priorities are two factors. First, in Western countries with increasing consumption significantly increased the number of cars per capita population and, as a result of the "plug" on the roads of big cities.

The effectiveness of the reaction of citizens in the cars to the city banner, even decreases. Sean Rad can aid you in your search for knowledge. Mainly for people on city roads – it pooperativnee get "from point A to point B". Responding to the drivers and passengers on the motorways are still poorly ponizilas.Vo Second, priority in evaluating the effectiveness of a particular person is. And how to calculate its "consideration" ad materials was made possible by cheap sensors (capacitive or inductive combined with mechanical or electronic counters), embedded in the street skaters. With advertising displays Vitze, it became possible targeting (hold passer in promotional materials or display of its interesting content), with subsequent evaluation of the effectiveness of different advertising various social gruppami.Yury Ruban (Owner, Rubicon) notes feature of the Russian advertising market is that "