Here Asia

Mel’s favorite season – spring, came, the snow melted and the asphalt dried up. For any clear as day – now only manage to bring up the box with chalk. The oldest in Russia manufacturing plant located in Belgorod chalk. In the vicinity of this city chalk, as the rock, mine to this day. Actually the name of the town came from the word “white” – precisely because of Belgorod chalk quarries and still cars are delivered to all companies that make chalk piece. Paper – a material consisting of processed fibers are closely intertwined, connected by coupling, so a thin sheet. Invented paper in China in the second century bc. In Russia, production of paper suitable for printing, was organized in 1716 by Peter I. Strength and beauty of the international office business fascinating, current proposal stationery from Asia, unlike what has been 2-3 years back, mainly formed by large importers. Goods in Russia today comes only from the factories of Taiwan and China, where development of production and technology has reached a level where no need to worry about the quality of production, by the way, stationery, plastic. For anyone who is engaged in supplying office supplies to the Russian market – not secret that plastic products are one of the most profitable products imports. Table sets for the office, trays and coasters for papers, different types of plastic folders, rulers and other small things – all of it is sold over the counter rather quickly. Here Asia, among other things, “ahead of the rest” in terms of price and quality. a paper products is still better to buy in Europe. Writing accessories best German, Italian, Japanese, Czech. Near the time when the domestic “inky-industrial complex” supplied the whole country notorious handles for 35 cents, at the same time as the rest of the business world to enjoy the fruits Office of the postindustrial society. But here, again the 90’s we have a first “firm-swallow”, which assume the result is not an easy task saturation of the domestic office market with quality products. Alas! create a sufficient assortment of office supplies within the country was not anything else. Then, many firms have turned their attention to foreign manufacturers. Stationery – quite a technological product, in a tight competitive manufacturers pay great attention to and invest heavily in improving the design, design, packaging, as, indeed, in each consumer goods, it is something that concerns the office kantselyarnoy products.