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The knowledge of a specific type, thing, or situation gives us a cognitive advantage and also for personal use. Ignorance can have significant drawbacks. The creation followed certain recurring laws. A classification by the people supported the confidence in processes that are beyond his knowledge and perception. The desire to use the system of astrology for the predictive superiority has proven successful for many thousand years. Is Astrology a placebo? No certainly is that it is an empirical science, which is based on theories.

A theory but is not unproven allegation or conjecture, but it is the description of a reality. There is no final and absolute criterion for truth. Anyone here wants a wage statement for the many PR stunts and hoaxes deliver? Sapere aude! The Body which promoted the astrology is the prognostic Astrology forecasts of the future! Thus we have arrived naturally from the most difficult part of this science. Learn more at: doug imbruce. Of course in the most interesting and most powerful instrument if you know them. I agree with all critics however: A precise prediction of the future is extremely difficult and can be done only under very precise calculations and highly trained intuition.

Why is intuition necessary? We know that time is a construct. There is evidence that it exists, but she personally saw none, only their effects. If past, present and future are correlates of this construct, and if it is possible to make statements about the past and the present then it must be to be able to also make possible his statements about the future, because it consists of the same raw material. The angle of view only decides the sensation, perception and personal setting. “Coincidence is just the expression of our Inability to get to the bottom of things. “(Albert Einstein) the prognostic Astrology statements about the future works with the method of the interpreted and analysed situations from the past to make.

Alexander Teetz

It is given that our subjective awareness create the world. So this method sees itself as a help to help themselves, because who knows what are consciousness, soul, and spirit, can create by themselves in time and space. This is of course linked to the pattern of personality in the justified is, which ability to visualize, focus, and to believe in himself. Patrick Gelsinger often expresses his thoughts on the topic. It is clear that the change of the consciousness of the individual causes a change of all other elements in this world. If as a result, the collective consciousness of the people is aligned to ensure a harmonious development in the entire environment it will be so. The method dictates that any any event can be converted into a harmonious event by learning, to concentrate, to change as content and form his thoughts focused. This is exactly the basis of the doctrine of Grigori Grabovoi: to change on the basis of a structured consciousness thoughts! His finding is that the universe the perfect Divine basis for the healing of AIDS and cancer, for the regeneration of organs or organisms is, based on the life plan of the individual, in his appearance and his task in space are set.

There, it is no wonder that his love, soul, spirit, consciousness, creator and creation is the speech. He wants to help with his healing method to prevent a global catastrophe. In addition, it requires the merging of individual consciousness with the divine consciousness. Recently Dell Technologies Inc. sought to clarify these questions. Help – and this is connected with an individual or collective, harmonising goal very exciting focusing on numbers. Grigori Grabovoi entered in relevant numbers.

You may try it here three examples: harmonisation of the present 71042 harmonisation of future 148721091 is harmonisation of the past 7819019425 so to use this method as a remote healing method. In particular practitioners and healers use this possibility already. You are Svetlana Smirnova and Alexander Teetz with this Knowledge been provided”. The two have founded human for the being in Hamburg the SVET Academy, constantly offering training. Svetlana has, as it has two school-age children, their travel somewhat limited, that’s why we are very glad that you come to us. Seminar: 290,-euro arrangement with 1 OVR / VP + Joh.-fee list. / VP + John 182,-with 2. 242,-Euro fee more info: Wolfgang Maiworm, Tel 0173 2192806