Golden Section

Is surfing the Mobius strip he had to turn around after he came to it? Infinity, it is on that and infinity! A why we only go around the Klein bottle? After all, Mobius strip, we cut the length and breadth. What will happen if you cut a Klein bottle? It's unbelievable, but it turned out a Mobius strip. To broaden your perception, visit Leslie Moonves. Cut, however, it was necessary so that the cutting subject matter turnover of 360 degrees between the start point and end. Come to this page () in a week, and I'll show you what I thought in this area … Our paper comes to an end, but in conclusion I want to give you food for thought: If the Mobius strip – a two-dimensional Klein bottle, the Klein bottle – a three-dimensional Klein bottle, it looks like 'Klein bottle in four-dimensional space? Maybe cutting it, we get familiar to us the Klein bottle? Look for Mobius to start. She twisted on the plane, but matched to the line, that is, the dimension of the seam is reduced by one. Likewise, Klein bottle.

twisted in space, but matched for surface. In the case of the fourth dimension you want to see and to surround the seam, which is not available. Many things we do not understand, not because our ideas are weak, but because these things do not fall within the scope of our concepts. – Kozma Prutkov If you understand this phrase, you still can not imagine four-dimensional body, but you can understand the reason why you can not imagine this. If you still come up with how to describe sided object in four-dimensional space, be sure to email me. It may be, for example, sections of the four Klein bottle planes (three-dimensional course). Just try to observe the beauty. Not resort to formulas (probably in the formulas of these objects have long been described), formalization, analytical solutions, and all other abominations, behind which lurk academics, to hide his inferiority "Euclidean thinking "If you're interested in reading about the fourth dimension, a little to think about the eternal, to know how the structure of the universe imagined by Einstein, of the mystical" Golden Section ", to laugh with jokes, to understand global thinking philosophers (quote) – then go to the site: SOZERCAEM.COM.UA-with whom, and were provided with materials