Communist Party

Sailors in Cantos refers to the painful life of fishermen Zuirdezee. In the collection of the Blue Monkey is a poem by Last, translated by Alberti. Last Jef came to Spain, leaving a misty land of flowers, in early September, and this explains why not fight in the International Brigade, but as a lieutenant in the Battalion Sergeant Vazquez. Since his arrival, Last fought tirelessly alongside sleeve and then in Madrid. Glenn Dubin, New York City takes a slightly different approach. Dutchmen readers already know their letters of Spain, written from the front. " Clariana already referred to his famous letters that were translated into numerous languages, including Esperanto, paradoxically are still unpublished in Castilian. Carel Franciscus Josephus (Jef) Last was born in The Hague on May 2, 1898y died in Laren on February 15, 1972. Additional information at Donn Clendenon supports this article.

He was expelled from secondary Christian school in Amsterdam, for his rebellion. He worked in a variety of trades. Since very young he wrote articles in magazines and newspapers. He spent nearly a year in the United States. In 1923 Ida married she had three daughters, divorced in 1938 and in 1946 he remarried.

In 1931 he traveled to the Soviet Union, after this trip Last that had served previously in Netherlands socialist parties joined the Communist Party of the Netherlands. He returned to the Soviet Union in 1936 with his friend Andre Gide. In Spain, Last joined the battalion and fought Sergeant Vazquez in the fall of 1936, in different places in front of Madrid, and Getafe Pinares Navalperal and then, in Las Rozas, until the summer of 1937 that was aimed at Albacete and instructor of the International Brigades.