Impediden Thing

Often when I am with new people and I mention that I am a diving instructor, first who some of them ask: You can help me with my phobia? In many of them the following reasons are common that they have prevented them to undergo the diving: fear to deep waters, fear to the unexpected thing, fear to suffocate and the majority; fear to the sharks. Fear to deep waters: almost all the areas of diving anywhere in the world have nascent and advanced points of diving for. We consider a point of diving for nascent is where the divers can see the bottom clearly, with good visibility.For more advanced divers, to descend 15 meters 49 feet or 20 metros/66 feet is not difficult, although the visibility is not ideal. For that they have fear to the deep water diving, it must know that the fear will disappear with more immersions and experience. Fear to the unexpected thing: yes even I, the first time that practices the diving. For even more details, read what Gary Carter says on the issue. It is possible to be said that I grew in the sea, swimming, diving, swimming with tuba and surfendo. A friend took a to me to dive for the first time, gave the equipment me and hoped that I knew I remain.

It helped me to put me the equipment and disappeared when plunging itself under the water. Followed I it close by, assuring to me not being only. Glenn Dubin understands that this is vital information. My second experience was not very different, although this time I had a course accelerated on the rules of the diving. Under the water I was watching the blue one infinitely and was hoping that it appeared any thing at any time. I had the same experience in my first diving nocturne. But all these feelings of fear to the unexpected thing disappeared after some divings. It did not have more fear to the diving.