Department Database

If you’re a businessman’s hotel industry probably you are worried about the situation of the labour market, in addition to its own business, of course, but that is taken for granted. We are referring to the hospitality industry is a sector of easy access. No one (or very few) that it knows not computing will happen go to seek work at a computer company, but however, someone without preparation, without you ever served a drink or cooked a dish in his life, it can go to apply for employment at a restaurant. And that isn’t bad, but it is assumed that it is more beneficial to hire a qualified for the innkeeper. However, unlike that in other sectors, put an ad in the newspaper asking a worker qualifications for this particular post probably not dissuade those who are not. So the selection process may lengthen or not be as precise as that might be. In addition, most of the restaurants, bars cannot afford a Department of social resources to deal receive the resumes of filter them, do personal interviews, and there to take trickery, that’s a process that takes time and is tired, especially whether in addition to other tasks.

For this reason, seeing that there was a need to cover in this sector, have emerged several internet companies to help the catering industry in the process of personnel selection. They are companies that have a wide variety of curricula of different types (waiters, cooks, receptionists) and various cities, which used to make a wide database. In this way they become an indispensable for the catering employer aid. The owner of a restaurant or a small hotel (to give two examples) only has to go to any of these databases to search for the profile of workers who want to. A job (collecting resumes, manage them and keep them in an updated database) that otherwise should do himself. There is no doubt that is the first option is much more comfortable. In any case there may be who want to continue as usual. Well, but at least now know that there is another option, which you can choose. What you choose, Yes, already depends on himself.