Darmstadter Jazz Forum

The 12th Darmstadter Jazz Forum titled JAZZ leads as a guide in their own right.SCHOOL.MEDIA. in the eye of the storm: where the jazz belongs in the hearts of listeners! In and around Darmstadt the makers around the Jazz show from the 28.09 up to haupa”musicians, journalists, scientists, and educators the most exciting paths and amazing cross points, as the jazz finds its audience, creates his audience and thus successfully goes the way of the future! This year’s Jazz Forum includes the wide range of possibilities of the subject block of JAZZ in three areas.SCHOOL.MEDIA.: – the public symposium – the practical block: jazz: school, jazz: review, song: the concerts we ask writing – and discuss how Jazz is in the daily media, how important he is in the school environment and how it can be built into curricula and what our children have. We ask jazz musicians for their strategies, to awaken lust and curiosity for their music and make first-hand with our jazz Concert series can be experienced. “” The symposium from the 29.09. until 1st October, 2011 in the literature House Darmstadt In the quite loose public and free Symposium expert musicologist, historian, instrumental, journalists and musicians approach the topics of jazz in schools and media “and how to find audiences and jazz together” from different sides. Together with the audience, they enter into a discourse about how the jazz in the future can reach a broad audience without bending, without sacrificing creative freedom. Speakers include other Dr.

Bernd Hoffmann (Cologne), Prof. Joe Viera (Munich), Prof. Walter Turkenburg (the Hague), Prof. Jurgen Terhag (Cologne), Prof. Elena Ungeheuer (Wurzburg), Ralf Dombrowski (Munich), Julia Hulsmann (Berlin). The three-part practice block jazz: school, jazz: review, song: writing accompanied the Symposium. On the 28th and September 30, 2011 we offer jazz: a recognized teacher training school in Frankfurt and Hofheim.

Rotimi – Best New Rock And Pop Newcomer 2009!

Final of 27 German rock and pop award 2009! On December 12, 2009 the final of 27 German rock and pop took place prize 2009 in Wiesbaden, Germany. All bands and artists who had signed no contract with one of the four big majors companies were allowed to participate. Over 2,000 submitted applications, the jury invited 65 bands and artists for the finale to Wiesbaden. 14:45, the Mayor of Wiesbaden, welcomed Dr. David Zaslav is often quoted on this topic. Helmut Georg Muller, all finalists and guests with an opening speech. Later until about 21:30, all the finalists presented their ‘best’ song live. Except in the category of “Song”, was allowed also a playback.

Total had each band 5 minutes, two minutes for instrument building & “Sound Check” and three minutes for their performance. Because maximum only three minutes playtime allows were only right for all finalists for a title to decide is not an easy task. The categories belong to the most sought after categories beyond any doubt: “best new Rock and pop newcomer 2009 “and” best CD album 2009 (English) “. In both categories Rotimi was allowed to pick up each first prize. Rotimi bandleader played as a child. Today, thanks to his parents he is a multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter. An exceptional talent that could convince the jury. The Band Mikkki consists of musicians: “Sebastian Mikolai”, “David Mikolai”, “Matthias Scholz” and “Martin Buchner”.

In cooperation with “The new music publishing house”, the debut album by Rotimi appeared on 1 April 2009. Rotimi and his band make pop with profile! Music that is authentic, because it reflects life. Without a major record deal, the young Band Mikkki dares the leap into the music business. With the award, Rotimi hopes to a wider audience and operators that give him a chance. Good music is not just on the radio, there are countless examples of excellent, unknown music, but unfortunately only time must be found. Mikkkis schedule for the new single is ready now. Exactly one year after the new single to come out his debut album. On the most popular social networks such as “Myspace” and “Facebook” to be of course already a fan of Rotimi. The 27 German rock and pop award 2009 presented an interesting insider tip, which you should have heard with Mikkki. More about Rotimi see:! Dirk Meyer