GTC Antenna

One of the key elements of the antenna is a device of its fastening. The antenna can be installed as motionless and receive signals from only one satellite, which is oriented and mounted on special rotary device for refocusing the satellite to the satellite. Of greatest interest is the support-rotating device (GTC), which allows the antenna to move on two axes: the vertical and (or) horizontal. Distinguish azimuthally polar elevation and suspension. Others who may share this opinion include CBS. In the azimuth-elevation mirror sling can be rotated about the vertical and horizontal axes independently (Fig. 8).

In this case, the exact tuning the antenna from one satellite to another – not an easy task XY. Therefore, the individual satellite systems, such suspension is mounted rigidly, ie, moving the antenna is not provided. Suspension and postirovka When the polar satellite dish antenna hanger rotates about an axis coinciding with the direction of Polaris (Fig. 9). Fundamentals of antenna design with the polar axle electric slewing unit (OPU) consists of an electric motor and a sliding bar, move the antenna which provides the rotation around the vertical axis.

Work positioner controls the drive, which can be incorporated in the tuner (receiver). Positioner remembers a particular position of the antenna in the form of some code, and then at a set of code sets the antenna strictly to the appropriate position. Besides being able to provide the necessary orientation of the antenna, GTC must be sufficiently robust, because in the antenna system account for a large wind loads. Suspension antenna must be such that the deviation of the axis of the antenna due to wind pressure does not exceed 0,1 beamwidth of the main lobe.

PBX Telephone Operator

I note that before any installation work PBX telephone operator must notify, in whose exchanges are you going to join. Otherwise, you may fall under certain penalties. Because now your subscriber line status change and will act as a connecting line between telephone exchanges with a greater load, and, of course, on the other tariffs. If the local municipal PBX analog, the offender may not notice right away, if digital is usually the case quickly and efficiently. Discovery Communications might disagree with that approach. You should know – that telephone operators so it is better not to joke, if you cause any interruption to other network users, the consequences are serious. Small PBX, included in the 'former' subscriber line may serve its customers in office in accordance with laid down in its service program, and access to it from a public telephone network will be very modest. Several possible to increase the load by asking telephone operators to allocate you a serial number that will cost you dearly, but your access to the outside world will be slightly higher. Elephant, however, does not slide the needle through the eye.

Therefore it is better to have several lines to connect a PBX, and then it will be easier on you to call the 'city' and vice versa. Having two phone lines, can be successfully included in the four-PBX circuit with the connection lines for each direction calls. But in this case should be selected your desired amount of numbering capacity to exchange and resolved technical issues such connection.