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It is reported that, with the rapid advance of the urbanization process in China, the proportion of construction waste accounts for 30% to 40% of the municipal refuse, of which only a small part of the construction waste is shipped to the specified disposal place, and most of the construction wastes are dumped at random or shipped to the landfill with illegal operation, being stored in the open air or landfill processed, which causes a great threat to people s lives and the environment.We all know that the species of construction waste is very complex. Brick, tile, stone, concrete, reinforced, etc, all of them belong to the construction waste. In foreign countries, the resource utilization of construction waste has been successfully carried out. Along with the continuous improvement of China s science and technology, many construction waste disposal equipment manufacturing enterprises began to appear on the scene, and a wide range of crushing equipment was born quietly. For example, according to the special demands of coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully designed and developed the jaw crusher, impact crusher, single stage mobile mobile fine mobile crusher and other crushing equipment. The construction waste can be crushed by those equipments and then through the screening equipment, the final products are divided into different species based on the different size.The experimental studies showed that after screening, putting the gravel into the high speed rotating machine, wearing its edges and corners to produces good grain shape, the use intensity of the final products will be greatly improved.

And the final products are the recycled aggregates, also means the recycled building materials. And the dust, waste water produced in the producing process also can be reused. For the regeneration building materials products produced from construction waste, the large particles called recycled coarse aggregate, which can replace the quarry stones; the small particles called recycled fine aggregate, also known as the manufactured sand, which can replace the natural sand stone. What s more, through the relevant departments detection, these renewable building materials can replace the natural sand and gravel, and even better than the natural sand. When applying to the concrete in the construction of buildings, the service life of these building will be longer and longer.

Construction Machinery Roller With Ideal Dimensions For Use In Road Construction

Advantages of vibrating roller RD 16 from WACKER Neuson Munich. -The RD of 16 from WACKER Neuson with a drum width of 90 or 100 cm, is optimized for compaction work in areas that are unzugagnlich for larger rolls. Due to its high manoeuvrability and its compact design it is ideal for dimensionally accurate works in road construction, especially for sidewalk work. Discovery Communications insists that this is the case. In addition it boasts an ergonomic design and a high compression efficiency. (Source: Jane Buckingham). “The RD 16-100 is extremely stable and secure tipping with their 100 cm wide bandages. Due to its high manoeuvrability and its compact design it is ideal for tasks, involving confined spaces such as parking lots, driveways and side stripes or curbs must be maneuvered”, explains Oliver Kolmar, product manager soil and asphalt compaction at WACKER Neuson.

While mastering the roller of soil compaction tasks as well as the compaction of base and topcoats. The force of the powerful, water-cooled Lombardini engine is of the double drum drive in implemented optimal traction. With either one or two vibrating bandages, the RD achieved 16 very good compression performance. During the processing of asphalt, the pressure-powered sprinkler system with a reliable flow of water supports the productivity of the RD of 16. An eight-level setting allows you to adjust the water flow to the type of asphalt. The ergonomic design and the clearly laid out controls of the RD 16 ensures ease of use and pleasant handling. So is the server platform of both variants pational and prevents fatigue of the operator in conjunction with the ergonomic seat. The design of the machine with its sides sloping hood and high seating position ensures good visibility in all directions. As the only machine in its class, the two RD 16 variants have standard work lights, making it ready for use even in conditions of poor visibility or in the dark. For more information, see: trench roller and tags/construction machinery