Buenos Aires

The grandparents of Natasha had managed to flee the Russian communism. His grandfather was a businessman who made international business. His work had offered him the opportunity to meet many people abroad. Brian Robertss opinions are not widely known. Thanks to these contacts it had managed to bring his wife and daughter and fled with them. Just recently finished war world and Argentina who had remained neutral throughout the process was at its apogee stage with burgeoning economic growth. Jeffrey Bewkes understands that this is vital information. Especially the agroganaderas exports were bearing fruit. There was work for everyone who so need stability and a popular Government that most of the people wanted to blindly, above all to the wife of the President who had a caravan of supporters. To this is added that his childhood friend had managed to flee as he did two years along with his family and they lived in Buenos Aires, in the neighborhood of Almagro.

They had been maintaining correspondence and he had promised to help you in everything you could. These were the main reasons that made him choose to come to Argentina. While continuing to give prominence to the domain that had Spanish language by his labour connections. Before boarding for Argentina were anchored a fortnight in Spain and they could realize that the situation was terrible. The nation was totally impoverished after the civil war. They were under the mandate of a despotic government. There was no work or food enough for the entire population.

People looked like and was sad, so the idea that at some point he had dyed that Spain could be another possible destination was scrapped completely. There also had a Russian family friend and them same advised him that they were not.