Jorg Thielmann Mann

KG and offered by the Rhineland-Palatinate company together with silo and control system ready on the market. We have had the experience, that consumer a pickup no load, but rather is a small event, if they partially ancestor with trailer or tractor. In this system the refuelling is possible in theory around the clock and also suited the silo as a pillar for advertising purposes”, stresses Markus Mann who is fully convinced of the unique concept. MAN plans for its composite companies Westerwald wood pellets in the years to come first within a radius of 150 kilometers to prepare more fully automatic service stations on motorways. Markus Mann, managing partner and out of conviction”in terms of renewable energy, is one of the pioneers of German Pellen ether plate and has won several environmental awards for its activity and the quality of its products.

The Group deposed 2009 more than 120,000 tons of pellets. MAN has since 1991 has been working in the area of renewable energy in the market. Among other things, the company of a biomass operates heat and power plant, wind turbines and a block heat and power plant. In the field of project development and technical solutions for the energy market man’s engineers have become over the past years. The companies include also man energy Suisse and Westerwald wood pellets. man is one of the pioneers in the renewable energy sector and has with its subsidiary, the Westerwald wood pellets GmbH, in 2001 the first large-scale production of pellets in Germany put into operation. Currently almost 90 employees in the group. In the past ten years, EUR 14.4 million in the area of renewables were on the site Langenbach Energy invested. The Group turnover amounted in 2009 around 32 million (thereof 27 million in the area of renewable energies). The companies KG include also the Westerwald wood pellets GmbH, man energy Suisse S.a.r.l., man Ltd. as well as bioenergy ohringen GBR. MANN natural energy GmbH & co.