Eduardo Blanco

I do not recommend free domains records because they have some points in against him, first and foremost is that the domain is not in your name, but that, registration is effected in the name of the company (not yours) and to be registered in the name of another means that it is not your property, if at any time you wish to transfer or sell the name you’ll be in trouble. In addition, generally, they ask in return that you place a banner with advertising on your site by registering free name. To register a domain your name only you must fill the existing form with your data, so will stay as the holder of the domain, and put the data of charge to administer the site and install it on a server. Once you’ve chosen the possible name (I recommend making a list of at least 5 options), you must make sure that the domain that you want to register is not registered already, for that they will serve you the options. An interesting fact is that, for example, considered that more than 90% of the dictionary in English it has become domain names, not the case with the language Spanish, at least yet. I recommend Choose a good company of prestige to register you domain name, I do not recommend any specific because there are many, seeks only a little and you’ll find them. The choice of domain name is very important and is often the case that it is not as simple as it seems to be able to make a good choice, some guidelines for the election could be: A) that name is as short as possible B) preferably be point com (.com) C) which is easy to memorize D) be possible without hyphens or separations E) easy to pronounce this name registration item is governed by an international body to level that is global: NIC (Network Information Center Domain Name Registration) can find in every country the appropriate agency for example: NIC.

AR (argentina) (Mexico) NIC. CL (chile) NIC br (Brazil) etc. The process of registering a domain is usually very fast, if you pay with your credit card on the record will be immediate, whereas if you pay by bank transfer or shipment of money, it may take 24 to 48 hours depending on the Bank and the day that I make the transaction.