Interior With Light

Since then, as in 1870 the year of electric light bulbs come into our lives, our homes have changed beyond recognition. Fixtures are so important in creating an interior that it is simply impossible to overestimate. Changes in lighting can completely transform the room without any rearrangement of the furniture. Robert Iger wanted to know more. In addition to its main function – Lighting – Lighting * perform many other: show off those part of the room that you want to highlight, unite or divide the space, creating a different zone. The light is divided into several types. By its very nature: the direct, diffuse, reflected and natural. By functionality: the decorative, local or general. By Location: on the lower, middle and upper.

If this is the usual chandelier, located at the center of the ceiling, the light is called – a central one. It is well lit cent room, but in the corners, especially in remote, it is usually not enough. To disperse the gloom there used floor lamps – floor lamps, ** or wall lamps – sconces ***. You can also put a table lamp. With the help of local lighting space is divided into functional zones – the office, reading room, games room – and visually increases in volume, as if moved apart. Diffused light is achieved using a variety of small light bulbs, located above or below the perimeter of the room. This coverage is also visually increases the volume and profitable emphasizes interior. Another way – osvetilnye devices that guide light in the ceiling.