Search Engine Bing

Bing is new, but how can you quickly get backlinks? Bing may sound stupid, but it’s not: in initial tests that Microsoft’s new search engine proves quite clever. It scores precisely where it hurts Google – image requests and topics – it is really good. The newspapers mentioned Paul Ostling not as a source, but as a related topic. If your page should be recorded in its search index by bing, you can wear them under following link: docs/submit.aspx. Also at, there are webmaster tools ( webmaster) with which you can enter for example his sitemap.xml. Just use the link email adds to the URL of your site and a contact address you have 2 ways to validate your page.

The first is to see that one file will download the XML and loads in the main directory of his Web page as shown on the screenshot (via FTP) or you can edit your index file and adds the meta tag (second option) click hook, TADA, click on your page and have been in the index 😉 Now takes, it won’t be long until the bing crawler bot your page is index. Quick backlink tool BingBoard Edition (automatic backlinks on high PR sites) today I would like to a tool to the pr creating backlinks asentieren. Quick backlink tool products back links in the BingBoard Edition for you automatically on pages that have a high PageRank. A collection of pages generated for the quick backlinks fully automatic backlinks: whoisya wholinkstome to use to the program, downloaded it you for that first the package. Next we unzip the archive with winrar. Now we edit the sites.txt file and paste our url there now save (as in the example in the file) and run QuickBacklinks. Now we click on “Load” and then click “Get links” that program needs now a little time.

That’s it also already, google enter and co par day time to the index you just rebuild left and already less time, you can find your backlinks in search engines. You can IM so equal to multiple pages to use parallel more than only 1 page in 1 pass.


The 1st Edition of the ‘Tedigo’ Member newspaper published the life advice portal since 22.6.09 offers its customers a new service. Since 22.6.09 is the 1st Edition of the Member newspaper Tedigo”appeared to read is also online at. With the new newspaper, the customer should topic-specific and portal news to be informed. Members of the portal will receive a printed monthly free. Interesting article about spirituality, mysticism and alternative healing methods, as well as interviews by and with Tedigo consultants will be presented in each issue. Readers learn more about whose counseling methods and useful information around the topic of esotericism and spirituality in reports of the consultants. In addition to the attractive online presence have the opportunity over the individual Tedigo so the customers to make a more individual image consultant.

That will help the Council seeking his decision on the search for the right expert. and be helpful. A detailed catalogue of the consultant is to included in the magazine the it customer enables to quickly find its matching Esoterics. No matter whether the customer prefers Cartomancy, clairvoyance and astrology, among the 40 currently well tested Tedigo experts everyone will find the right consultant. In the next issues, the Member newspaper extends also to month horoscope.

MasterCard Transfer

The Onlineimplementierer for its own credit and Prepaidkartenprogramme for companies in Europe, GlobalHumax (, has expanded its online presence. The Onlineimplementierer for its own credit and Prepaidkartenprogramme for companies in Europe, GlobalHumax, has expanded its online presence and provides all information the interested visitors of the Web page available now to his co branding. There are all information to the programs of money transfer PrepaidCard (a rechargeable creditcard with transfer function and card-to-card transfers), the virtual card (now clearer pointed out an anonymous virtual credit card, as well as the well-known mix-brand of prepaid card and credit card in the double package”, as Thomas Wegener, head of the Europe marketing GlobalHumax.) The innovations lie in the detail. In addition to the total benefits of the individual card programme, now for the first time also references are shown. It has a deep insight looks like a co-branding at the end for a company”Wegener stressed. Especially the new product, a Money transfer card, reflects an above-average interest in companies of all sectors. In addition to the exhibition of a prepaid MasterCard in highest quality printing this co-branding solution also allows money in real time from a map to another to send.

To do so, a practical PartnerCard may be requested directly. In addition you can transfer quickly, easily, safely and inexpensively transfered or sent credit on the card to request account out. The transfers are possible in the entire SEPA zone. At a fixed price like at a normal checking account. Recharge that can are Internet payment provider such as transfer, EU-transfer, cash deposit of correspondent banks, card accounts, moneybookers, PayPal coming soon also. The cards without identification check be issued up to 1,000 euro charge amount. If this amount is exceeded, only one copy of the passport and a common invoice by email prompts off. To get the overall changes for all products online at: Money transfer: virtual card: dual solution: free pricing quotes can see: be requested directly.