Mendoza Province

The province of Mendoza counts on tourist enchantments in its four cardinal points. All the tourist zones of this province extend before the tourist the great range of attractive that is worth the pain to know. The vacations in Mendoza never will be equal to each other, due to the inexhaustible menu of options to pass it well that only the province cuyana is able to offer. The North tourist zone of the province is composed by the departments of Lujn of Whose, Lavalle and the Heras. It is the zone par excellence of valleys, the high summits and mountain the landscapes of the mountain range and premountain range mendocinas. The department of Lujn of Whose account with the Potrerillos dock, one of most significant of the province cuyana. It takes the name due to the valley where one is, the one of Potrerillos, gorgeous landscape of premountain range to 70 km of the capital of Mendoza.

The location of the dock, surrounded by an imposing mountainous frame quickly turned, it into a point of deep attraction for the tourism, that arrives there until practicing all type of sports aquatic, like windsurf, boating, fishes and rafting. Or simply to enjoy the incredible beauty and serenity of the Andean landscape. With its fourteen kilometers in length, the Potrerillos dock is, next to the dock Cipoletti, the person in charge to provide water to all the great Mendoza. And the person in charge of the ebullient foliage of the woods of the provincial capital. The department of the Heras has a challenging circuit of high mountain that is worth the pain to cross, but surprises mainly by its intense nocturnal and commercial life. It soothes of the international airport of the Plumerillo, was there where it gave to beginning the historical sanmartiniana epic of the crossing of the $andes, as they testify the museum and the retort of the camping of the army of liberation well. Already in the limit with the province of San Juan, the department of Lavalle is where the desert and the oasis embrace.

Here, attractive the landscaping ones pass through the Teltecas Forests and the great variety of their flora and its fauna. In this zone of Mendoza, the nourishing industry unfolds all their development: numerous factories of conserves and dryers of fruit touches to the tourist with their products. And they do not lack either, of course, the warehouses, a classic soul and heart of the landscape cuyano that today offer, also, some of the most original lodgings in Mendoza.

Communications Ministry

" Much attention at the meeting devoted Askar Zhumagaliyev development in Kazakhstan e-commerce, noting that "for Kazakhstan's economy development of e-commerce may be one of the most powerful and effective tools of reform, enhance competitiveness and integration into the world housekeeper. " "For Internet users, e-commerce development – is, first of all – global choice, the ability to quickly compare offers, ease of operations and lower prices", – noted the director of Public Foundation "National Internet Award Konstantin Gorozhankin. As the head of the Communications Ministry, the Ministry today devotes much attention to this matter. Thanks to the established "e-payment gateway government "today through the portal the citizens already pay taxes and can be ordered via the Internet, some state services. The Minister also noted that the number of services and services that can be paid online, will be constantly increasing.

But when it comes to online stores in this direction in e-commerce Kaznet does not develop. Coen brothers has similar goals. As a rule, the Kazakh sites, you can choose the goods and pay a opportunity to cash only when it is received. The reason, said Mr. Gorozhankin in the absence of a single integrator with payment services. The absence of a single integrator – though the main but not the only component the success of e-commerce. To it also include the accessibility of the Internet, the availability of convenient means of payment, convenient and inexpensive means of delivery and the issue of trust online shoppers to stores. Another barrier to the development of e-commerce is the lack of legislation in the concept of electronic money, which must occur with the adoption of the law.

To increase confidence in shopping in the meeting proposed the establishment of the Association "Safe Shop". The main role of the Association – an assessment of all the online stores of Kazakhstan with the assistance of reputable experts e-commerce. They, in turn, will use multi-factor system to evaluate all aspects of online shops: it is the presence of the phone numbers on the website and other elements of the feedback system delivery, a variety of charges, availability of technical support and loyalty of its representatives, etc. This will create an online resource where anyone can see the grades for each online store, and Vote for those services which have already enjoyed. Askar Zhumagaliyev concluded that his agency is ready to support initiatives aimed at increasing confidence in Kazakhstan to domestic online stores.

Internet Goods

Consider the concept of 'Shop' in the classic sense, that is, in the sense in which it is understood in most developed countries, 'Shop' (sometimes called 'e-Shop', 'online store', 'Internet shop', 'E-shop', etc.) – An interactive website in which: advertised goods and services received orders for goods and services are offered to the visitor a variety of payment options ordered goods and services for instant payment over the Internet ordered goods and services, the visitor has the opportunity to register using your login and password, and continue to use the data already introduced them at the entrance to the sections of the site, the visitor has the opportunity to issue an invoice to payment for goods and services, serving both a confirmation of the order; made prompt delivery of ordered goods and services, warranty and insurance ordered and paid for goods and services; ensures confidentiality of transactions, the transaction can commit both physical and legal persons. Gain insight and clarity with Robert Iger . The advantages and features of Internet shopping: It is important that the structure of the Internet shop has been optimized for advertising campaigns (unwinding site on the Internet), then there is no useless information, the font was a good read, there would be no extra spaces, the graph clearly, expressively and quickly downloadable, information should be presented in a concise and understandable manner, when you hover the mouse over any icon would appear key phrases describing the activities of Internet shopping, the site should not be animation and sound, time-consuming boot online store and dulls the attention of the buyer.

Web Standards Project Acid

Marlborough, Mass. and BARCELONA, SPAIN – (RECEIVED Telegraph) – 15/02/2010 Company Bitstream Inc. (NASDAQ: BITS) today announced a new version of mobile browser BOLT (TM), which is now available and the user interface in Russian. BOLT 1.7 supports the Russian language, the most geographically widespread language of Eurasia, the most widespread of the Slavic languages and native language for the greatest number of people in Europe. In addition, the improved performance video streaming and support for widgets to mobile browser free.

Since June last year, BOLT mobile browser plays the Cyrillic fonts on the web, but now users can also make Russian the default language for the user interface. With new features and enhancements using quick as lightning, uncompromising browser for phones of all types BOLT become even better and easier for users to BOLT around the world. By the first anniversary BOLT number of users of the mobile browser has exceeded 4 million, watched over 135 million minutes of streaming video (equivalent to 256 years), open more than 512 million pages (about 3 million page views per day) and downloaded more than 132 terabytes of data. BOLT is the only mobile browser for all types of mobile phones that support streaming video from multiple sites, such as RuTube, YouTube, Yahoo, Google, MySpace and many others. Now users can view videos featured on CNN and ESPN, as well as embedded YouTube videos on any website. BOLT perfectly reproduces Web pages as they appear in the desktop browser, outperforming competing mobile browsers and entering the magnificent 100 percent on the test Web Standards Project Acid3. .