This should convey safety. The leader must have as quality the affability, this means that you must pay attention, appreciate and encourage his team. This refers to how we act, the way on how lending attention to others within the Organization, inside of which we practice active listening. We have the ability to think four times faster than others can talk, by such a situation we generally have a lot of internal communication noise while we’re listening; which generates that we not always understand the message in its entirety. Active listening requires disciplined practice to allow be able to silence this internal communication in order to provide total care while we listen to others. Active listening is based on trying to see things as he that speaketh them feel, which is related to empathy.

Being affable, has to do with the fact of being able to highlight the qualities and good deeds of others, and not only rely on finding what you are doing wrong. The third mentioned quality is humility, which means being authentic, unpretentious, not be arrogant or boastful. It must be authentic, be yourself, don’t be conceited, cocky and self-sufficient. Ego hampers and they erect barriers between people. Humility is not feel less, but to think less in one to think more about the team. Keep in mind that as a team, in the Organization all depend on others for global success. Another of the qualities is respect, the same which means treat others as if they were important people, which in the case of organizations is true because each one of the members of the same fulfils a specific function that helps the overall purpose compliance. The leader must have personal interest in the success of those who directs, this includes helping you get your success. The fifth quality of a leader is the generosity, which is to satisfy the needs of others.