All those who have practiced the teaching of languages such "foreign" have quickly realized that this is not simply to transmit a opinion ("language and culture), but there is more disagreement than logical. And counterproof is easy to make: we can ascertain that the evidence, that description makes French by an Englishman, a Turk, or Japanese there is more to see, of course, with which it is made by a Frenchman. In brief outline, there are both "French" as is "foreign" language. We are in relativity, the absolute! That is why, it's completely absurd to have instituted in our Faculties of Arts departments "French as a foreign language" (the famous "FLE" so know, scientifically, to have the minimum existence.) It means that this feedback (or feed-back, to use the vocabulary of cybernetics) of sociolinguistics on the cognitive, can give, finally, a precise definition of mentality. Those who refer to this concept usually charged and the style of the cathedrals that can take a canteen or dining room, etc.. Sociologically, it is false. However, sociolinguistic, are the translators who have had this problem further, they realized that moving from one language to otea was not only a way to pass an opinion i speak another language or other opinion (operation that is not so simple! ), but always had an absolutely incomprehensible, a perception of the world to regain the word Humboldt, ie "world view" of each language, which is why each author wrote in the same language, Well is what we call "mental" in the exact sense (and etymological) of the term, it is this mental universe that is the language of the loan is in our cognitive processes.