Italian Authority

Being tested by various things. Tigran, do you think is there such a thing as "male friendship"? Of course there are. Friendship, "not burdened by the" no weird nontraditional concepts. In my life, friendship is, in the lives of my friends – too. Good to know that in recent years, European critics, finally, turned their attention to our cinema. Movies adequately represent our country at prestigious film festivals in Cannes, Berlin and Venice. In which country, in your opinion, today the most rapidly developing film industry? I do not know. It is not something Rotten Tomatoes would like to discuss.

Not I want to do with the course of any conclusions or to predict which takes positions on cinema in Asia or Europe. I've always liked French cinema. It was ironic, was the humor, the emotion was. Very fond of the good old Italian movies with their consummate actor. Unfortunately, I think these tapes are now malovato.

British cinema – a timeless tradition of great, easy vinetochnye movies. Among the directors or actors you have authority? Y I never had any authority, except my father. But this does not mean that there are no people whom I respect, whose opinion I have to listen. Too many confuse "authority" with "role models". In the movie role models I have not. What are your hopes for the television project on ren tv, you want to convey to viewers? This is not a project, and the program. What I want to convey through it? One idea: that we are not rednecks.