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The comprPor people Guido RosasAutor of sales leadership with quality human when I hear people say I’m no good to sell, sell it is not for me, sell Dame, fear, etc., I can’t help but smile, because the simple word sell is stigmatised. Continue to learn more with: Jeffrey L. Bewkes. Sell is the exchange of one good or service for something from which we receive a payment. Robert A. Iger s opinions are not widely known. But that payment is not necessarily only monetary, that in life we also tend to be selling ideas, projects, dreams if the couple is, of one or another way to seek the way to sell specific plan benefits and thus achieve the closure of our negotiation. Those who have a college degree, are presented in the companies and searching employment sold their services, they show that may be the benefits of negotiation, as they are the titles that have been retrieved thanks to Bachelor, master’s and doctoral degrees. Therefore nobody escapes from sell, and if we aprendiesemos how to negotiate, beyond the Word can be attractive or No, we would achieve more successful closures in our negotiations.

Over more than one decade I have worked with transnational corporations and it has been very nice to see them change in the selling process. People take conscience that does not sell just a product but that, likewise, the customer buys benefits. Invariably, when we buy a product is to obtain from him a satisfactor. However, two different clients may not be looking for the same satisfaction in a single product. An example of course is the acquisition of a $ 50,000 car. Maybe that in a customer his interest lie in the image which itself projected that car, as it is show your good taste and its purchasing power to achieve even see it as a way of meeting with the woman of his dreams. Now, it is possible that the aspirations of another client are the power of the machine, the instruments of security and know what so economic is the cost of the mechanical services, in addition to mean to impress your friends.