Madrid Everest

Sport transmits values which these are not. Attempting just reaching the top of Everest without oxygen. Oiarzabal: He was playing balls during its descent. Edurne Pasaban has ensured Friday that criticism among mountaineers, as the discharged against her by Juanito Oiarzabal, are doing much harm to Spanish mountaineering. We are giving a bad image.

Sport transmits values that these are not, he said, with reddened eyes, in a press conference at the airport of Barajas and the broken voice. Passed has landed at eight o’clock in the morning in Madrid on a flight from Qatar, after trying without success to reach the Summit of Mount Everest without oxygen. For anything we put as an excuse the rescue of Lhotse so as not to summit Everest, he has affirmed the puppetry. Oiarzabal accused passed on Wednesday, at a press conference in Vitoria, of having used his rescue in the Lhotse to cover the failure of his expedition. In addition, said that the expedition of the Basque not be He bobbed from base camp until the last moment and the balls were touching while the descended in a sorry state. Passed recognized be very hurt – these statements hurt the people who we want to – and before the question that why they had not participated in the rescue of Oiarzabal and had been coordinating at the base camp, was limited to say: I recommend that you go to the base camp of Everest and see what is the Himalayas. Ask him why he has said what he has said. In the base camp we had a good relationship, said Pasaban at Barajas airport.

The montanera has commented that the Spanish expeditions in the Himalayas are not frowned: say that you always mount trouble. This year was not ours. We are back home with the illusion of try again and with the satisfaction of doing things well, she added. According to his account, the expedition Everest without O2 left Spain last April, after 42 days in the field base with hard work and a good climate adaptation attempted to reach his goal on May 21, but desisted by bad weather and strong wind. They intended to retry, but participation in the rescue of the Andalusian Mountaineer Lolo Gonzalez, who was lost on the descent of Lhotse, and later Juanito Oiarzabal, which took a hard fall Summit due to lack of nutrition and hydration, according to the own mountaineer, left them exhausted.Lolo was a dangerous site, had fallen ropes and was a complicated bailout, said Pasaban, who has assured that if it had not been for the support of commercial expeditions, such as the Benegas brothers, you don’t know what might have happened. About rescue Oiarzabal, said he had done what had to be done and it has ensured that not repent anything, although it has been predicted that in the Himalayas will be thinking about doing these things from now. The Basque climber It is the first woman who has managed hollar top of the fourteen eight-thousanders in the world, and with this expedition, wanted to culminate his gesta on the higher ridges of the planet with an ascent without oxygen to Everest’s 8,848 meters.

Ultimatum Entrepreneurs

The employer puts the week that comes as a deadline. It ensures that the protest is leading them to ruin. They wanted to make a revolution and it has left them a pilgrimage, they say. It is running out to Madrid’s employer’s patience by debris that causes to their businesses of motion 15-M camping, so you have put on the table a deadline for reaching an immediate solution, which could be on Monday or Tuesday of next week. So has expressed it in this Wednesday afternoon the President of CEIM – CEOE (Confederacion Empresarial de Madrid), Arturo Fernandez, at the end of the meeting that he and the President of COCEM (Confederation of specialised trade of the community of Madrid), Hilario Alfaro, among other representatives of entrepreneurs, traders and hoteliers, have maintained for a little more than hour and a half with the Government delegate, Dolores Carrion, the second to celebrate after the May 24 in this matter. Carrion has tinged words of Fernandez: obviously they (representatives of entrepreneurs and traders) can not put us a date.

There is a date so I give them full information of all the work that we are developing. We’ve been that on Monday and Tuesday I am open to receive them again and hopefully as it is fixed by then, he added. (Government delegate) has put us a road map and may be imminent that one day of these fixed, but is a secret plan, he added Fernandez. COCEM, Hilario Alfaro, President explained that have asked the delegate of the Government to retrieve the principle of authority to Madrid and have asked who is funded this history of the Puerta del Sol, because out there, consider, possibly come the solution. In his opinion, the kids camped wanted to make a revolution and it has left them a pilgrimage. Alfaro recognizes, however, that the campers are complying with three petitions that asked: that while it lasts the camp that separates five meters from the facades of shops, leaving free the adjacent streets and deleting shopwindows cartels.