Calculated the CVPU: like the previous case, the PVPU, is the summation of the products of the CVUi of each product by their respective proportion or participation with respect to the whole, resulting in the following: CVPU = CVU1Xp1 + CVU2XP2 + CVU3XP3 +. + CVUnxPn CVPU =?CVUixPi.(5) Where, the CVU1, CVU2,., CVUn, are the unit variable costs of each product, and P1, P2, Pn are individual entries for each product in the total volume of revenue produced and sold on each product. Point of Global balance of quantity produced and sold (QEG) global: from equation (3), we can by analogy determine the overall balance of amounts produced and sold. Equations (4) and (5), replaced it in equation (3) and as overall fixed cost equation (2) variable that is the CFTG. Obtaining equation (6), which represents the global equilibrium (Qeg) point to n products: QEG = CFTG /(PVPU-CVPU).(6) Point of equilibrium in monetary Global (IEG): to determine the break-even point in monetary values, equation (6), you just have to multiply it by the price weighted unit sales (PVUP), on both sides of the equation, so that the mathematical form do not alter, leaving in the following manner: IE = Qe x PVPU = CFTGxPVPU /(PVPU-CVPU) = CFTG /(1-CVPU/PVPU) = CFTG /(1-CVPUxQ/PVPUxQ) = CFTG /(1-CVT/IT) IEG = CFTG /(1-CVPU/PVPU).(7) IEG = CFTG /(1-CVT/IT).(8) QEG = equilibrium IEG = monetary income general equilibrium quantity Q = quantity produced and sold CVT = total variable cost for all products IT = total income for all products the quantity balance point produced and sold by product in general is: QEi = (CFTG x Pi) /(PVUi-CVUi), where: i = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…, n.(9) The PVU is the unit sale price and CVUi, the unit variable cost of the ith product. The point of balance in money for each product in general will be: IEi = (CFTGi x Pi) /(1-CVUi/PVUi), where: i = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…, n.(10) (10) Equation is a function the unit variable cost and sale price of the ith product. IEi =(CFTGi x Pi) /(1-CVTi/ITi), where: i = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…, n.(11) In equation (11), it is based on the total variable cost and total revenues generated by the ith product.