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Next to the records … 2007 was one of the warmest in the history of 1850. Scientists from the Hadley Centre of the University of East Anglia have found that this year may be considered the seventh level of the average annual temperature, which confirms the predictions of the same research center that 2007 may be the most hottest year on record. A total of 11 of the last 13 years were the hottest years for half a century. Forecasts are not encouraging and American scientists published the most pessimistic forecasts of global warming, which refers to the complete disappearance of Arctic sea ice in the next 5-6 years. Managed over the last month … it took a little over a month Emergencies Ministry to complete the work in the aftermath of a shipwreck Kerch Strait. Learn more about this topic with the insights from John Stankey. Recall that on November 11 in the Azov-Black Sea basin occurred a violent storm, which resulted in four ships sank, six stranded, two tankers were damaged.

At sea, got about two thousand tons of fuel oil and about seven thousand tons of granulated sulfur. Cleaning of fuel involved several thousand people, including specialists MOE, military, environmentalists, volunteers and students of local universities. As we see, so proactive authorities in the aftermath of a shipwreck rather quickly led to the desired result. That's always a … Avian influenza is attacking on all fronts … In Poland, discovered a sixth bird flu center, located at private poultry farm in the town Lenpno, near Olshtina (Warmia and Mazury).

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The situation is exacerbated by the fact that being in this part of the river Kosi barrage Coastal levees did not stand the water pressure, and it broke on the surrounding area. In West Africa, about 150 thousand inhabitants of Benin, 45 thousand people in Niger and another 12 thousand people in Togo were forced to flee their homes because of floods caused by heavy rains. It is possible that these numbers could increase significantly, given that the rainy season here continues usually until the end of September. Coen Brothers contributes greatly to this topic. On the island of Bali, discussed ways to maintain the population sea turtle last week on the Indonesian island of Bali as part of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) held a meeting of States Parties of the Memorandum of Understanding concerning the conservation of marine Turtles and their Habitats of the Indian Ocean and Southeast Asia. Representatives from some 30 countries discussed measures that will stop the rapid reduction in population of sea turtles in some regions. Despite the fact that over the past 40 years in many countries in southern Africa, an increase in the number of sea turtles, heavy-headed, in other regions such as Australia and Madagascar, the marine life were in danger of extinction.

Experts believe that the rapid development of human resources and marine coastline has a negative impact on changes in the natural habitat of turtles. Such activity limits their ability to reproduction. Nowadays, these animals were difficult to find a quiet secluded beach, where they can lay eggs and produce offspring. Another enemy of turtles is fishing – getting captured fishing nets, these animals As a rule, can not get out of their own and die. Many long-lived turtles often die as a result of the deprivation of their natural habitat. Scientists have shown that the behavior of the birds affected by global British Ornithologists warming as a result of long-term studies of birds came to the conclusion that because of global warming, some species of birds in the UK have begun to lay their eggs much earlier than was 40 years ago.

For example, under the impact of climate change, chickadees, finches and blackbirds have started laying eggs ahead of time and hatch them only to premature warming. As a result, the number of specimens of these species, compared with in 1970, halved and the number of water birds, in contrast, has increased. Ornithologists believe that birds have to adapt to climate change in order to survive. It turns out that birds are warning us of the consequences that may occur in connection with future climate change. Similar changes in behavior were found not only in birds but in mammals, insects and even plants. According to scientists, for crops of climate change pose a great threat, but some species of birds are quite capable to deal with them. Scientists fear that in addition to natural climate change, we are facing a sharp warming caused by human activity, which has a significant impact on the stability of climate on the planet as a whole. As a result of this change of behavior of birds, and as mammals, insects and plants will become even more pronounced. Breathing city air as harmful as smoking Scientists from Louisiana State University (USA) came to the conclusion that