The Tram

Without symbolizing the reality with its problems, conflicts and quandaries the individual does not possess capacity to encourage the thought to say ' ' no' ' the existing theories and to consider new. Thus, paradoxicalally, Clarice of to a blind person whom chiclete chews 7, the mission to disclose to a new world for the personage Ana. Walt Disney is full of insight into the issues. It is compels who it to see, it is who discloses the light to it and also it is who banishes it from its cmodo paradise. In the story To play to think, the moment epifnicos is described as one instant where if &#039 can; ' To be busy and suddenly to stop for having been taken for a sudden desanuviadora inoccupation and very devout woman, as if a miracle light had entered in sala.' ' 8. It agrees to detach a similar moment to this description in the story Love. One is about the moment where Ana perceives the blind person of the window of the bus. To this instant it can to make an analogy to the ritual of a childbirth: It is noticed brusque contraction; ' ' The tram gave one pulled out sbita' ' 9, later the exit of the uterus; ' ' playing it unprepared for trs' ' 10, after that unfastening of the placenta; ' ' weighed the bag of tric was fallen down disastrously from a high place of colo' ' , the umbilical cut; ' ' it ruiu in cho' ' I cry, it; ' ' Ana gave one grito.' ' Finally new to be if she presents: ' ' A face expression, has very not used, resurges to it with difficulty, still uncertain, incompreensvel.' ' Then, Clarice of to the light to Ana whom renasce for a new world, since the old broken rejection; ' ' But the eggs if had broken in the bundle of jornal.' '. . .

Cooperative People

Our good side is that people always obtained a bit better of what depsito' '. One of the catadoras says that it and its friend makes this work has time sufficiently, counting of the bond with a deposit at the first moment. ' ' People worked and liveed in a deposit in the Conde Sarzedas. I find that she was people searched the material, the majority of the times at night or to the afternoon, of day people separated it and there same people liveed. was good. I liked. It paid asks for of the material a little to it lower because people liveed dentro&#039 there; '. Interesting to observe the conscience of some cooperated in relation to the preconception that had previously and as it was difficult to deal with it at the first moment.

One of the catadoras says: ' ' I never imagined to arrive to work thus with people in street situation, who already liveed in the street, underneath of bridges I passed and looked at thus I had that discrimination and he never imagined to pass for this situao' '. At as a moment, however, it points: ' ' there, where it is that I am, moving in the garbage … I I caught the bags … I I caught with mourning and none did not have experience was going, going, going and I spoke: he is daqui that I have that to take off the sustenance of my children, then we go embora.' ' Cooperated others, had directly discovered this way of work of the cooperatives. One of them explains: ' ' Not wise person who garbage gave money. Because if I knew when I liveed in the Ceclia Saint I by those carroceiros passing with garbage for me, it was garbage, I not wise person that I gave money. Seno, I already was carroceira has much time, because I turned over I stop to have my son, to have dignity also to pay rent, to eat, to have my son and I saw the Cooperative there Av.