Cooperative People

Our good side is that people always obtained a bit better of what depsito' '. Hugh Naylors opinions are not widely known. One of the catadoras says that it and its friend makes this work has time sufficiently, counting of the bond with a deposit at the first moment. ' ' People worked and liveed in a deposit in the Conde Sarzedas. I find that she was people searched the material, the majority of the times at night or to the afternoon, of day people separated it and there same people liveed. was good. I liked. It paid asks for of the material a little to it lower because people liveed dentro&#039 there; '. Interesting to observe the conscience of some cooperated in relation to the preconception that had previously and as it was difficult to deal with it at the first moment.

One of the catadoras says: ' ' I never imagined to arrive to work thus with people in street situation, who already liveed in the street, underneath of bridges I passed and looked at thus I had that discrimination and he never imagined to pass for this situao' '. At as a moment, however, it points: ' ' there, where it is that I am, moving in the garbage … I I caught the bags … I I caught with mourning and none did not have experience was going, going, going and I spoke: he is daqui that I have that to take off the sustenance of my children, then we go embora.' ' Cooperated others, had directly discovered this way of work of the cooperatives. One of them explains: ' ' Not wise person who garbage gave money. Because if I knew when I liveed in the Ceclia Saint I by those carroceiros passing with garbage for me, it was garbage, I not wise person that I gave money. Seno, I already was carroceira has much time, because I turned over I stop to have my son, to have dignity also to pay rent, to eat, to have my son and I saw the Cooperative there Av.

International Commission

After all, so that the learning if accomplishes is necessary that the pupil perceives the relation between the taught content, its universe of significaes and the world where it lives. Of this form, the learned concepts will go to become related with the previous knowledge that the child possesss and will give to conditions it to advance in the systematization and organization of the information. While educators, a our main function in this process of promotion of a significant learning, are accurately to defy the concepts that the pupils make use, so that they are reconstructed in extended and consistent way more, a time that, the more elaborated and complex will be a concept, greater is the possibility to use it as parameter for the construction of new knowledge. Thus, the teaching paper to defy must constant and be perfected, what it points the necessity to reflect on the planning of our lessons and practical ours of education, searching creative and estimuladoras possibilities for the pupils, where the contents are not had as same ends in itself, but as half essentials in the problematizao of the ideas, inquiry of the answers, resolutions of the problems and conclusion of the results. In this manner, the pupil will understand the meaning of the study, relating the pertaining to school content with previous learnings and personal experiences, he will take what it to the advance of the knowledge. In this direction, valley to detach the comments carried through for Edwards (1997).

The author makes mention to some aspects that must be considered in the practical professor, the first one is that the pupils transform and elaborate the knowledge who is taught to them, from its universe of significaes. However, the knowledge can become other people’s the students depending on the form as they are boarded and case the professor does not consider that this form of transmission does not occur without alterations on the part of the pupils in each situation. Edwards (1997) indicates that ‘ ‘ the content if transforms into the form. That is, form also is content in the pertaining to school context, the presentation of the knowledge in different forms it of the different significaes it modifies and it as tal’ ‘ (p.69).

Federal Constitution

Such rules are of utmost importance for the celebration of any legal act, therefore, the comment of these does not become the null or revocable contract depending on each situation. Thus also it makes use article 421 of the CC/02, where the contract cannot more considered being as right absolute, having it to be entailed to the legal institute of the equality, thus being the apt magistrate will be able to ponder and to observe if the contractual clauses they are if becoming abusive or causing maleficent effect to the part hipossuficiente. In regards to performance of the private initiative (art. Learn more at this site: Joel and Ethan Coen. 170 and interpolated propositions of the Federal Constitution of 1988) at the same time where the Constitution if worried in propitiating its conditions of performance in the economic scope restricting the performance of the State – principle of the subsidiariedade – limited its performance, not being able this exerted being of limitless form, without if it respects the free competition and the rights of the consumers. But still thus it allows from such cited article the freedom of industry and commerce, freedom of company, and still, the contractual freedom. It is undeniable that the Federal Constitution when instituting in its art. 1, interpolated proposition IV, and art.

170 the free initiative, was in search of a economic model, in order to develop the commerce and the industry of the country. But, so that any exploration of economic activity does not have pure objective of profit and personal satisfaction of the entrepreneur, it is necessary a constitutional airway lighting, that will have to have as base values of social justice and welfare collective. Being thus, the free private initiative cannot be considered absolute, therefore it must always respect the restrictions imposed in law, having to assure to all worthy existence as the ditames of social justice related to the dignity of the person human being.