Social Responsibility

The man has illusions as the bird wings. That’s what sustains it. Blas Pascal Consideraciones, reach is enterprise-wide commitment to properly handle management of social responsibility not only external, but internal, favoring in its operation, achievements in their objectives, to this end, management must be very careful in how manifests currently within its organizational climate all matters concerning the guarantee of good quality of working life, as well as being presented the economic scenarios, the environment in which unfolds the company, most now, that as it is known, the current situation is characterized by the opening of new markets, the entry of new and better products and the increasingly lower tariff barriers, leading organisations have to be more efficient, transforming the quality of working life in a variable of potential importance to achieve success: it is necessary to create a conducive and appropriate working environment that allows them to the workers, comply with the requirements imposed by new times in the case.

Venezuelan business sector it is very necessary that management don’t overlook him as the political instability, the economy have given way to an instability in the environment that has brought as a consequence turbulence and where many companies in the country, especially SMEs, are affected, so far as, that many have been closed and the few that remain are doing so with a productive capacity that leaves a great deal to say. Provides us with Lazaro Gonzalez in this regard, to take into account, that the work can be viewed not only as a means to produce or provide a service, as a way of life, is much more: a means of transformation of man, of accomplishment, of creation of values, in short, of quality of life. Work, is itself an essential element in the quality of life of the individual, and this is so because that man’s relationship with himself is only objective and real to him through his relationship with another man, and is precisely in the center of work where these relationships have their highest of materialization.