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If they are already installed in a product. Then it is hard of course, to explore the causes, if ESD is not anchored in the minds”the expert continues. ESD can have serious consequences. We are not talking about cents each. Products with a damaged electronics get broken by the customer. In the company itself, the production can stop suddenly when defective control electronics. “What then is clear and uncomfortable: delays, inferior products, dissatisfied customers, high cost.” Meanwhile, there are also numbers that prove that.

Component defects that have no optical or mechanical error, process – or handling errors, have 35 to 40 percent ESD as a cause. Torsten Roder comes even as state-certified engineer, quality assurance. He recognized as quality Manager, that ESD is directly linked with the fate of products. Michael Bohm and Torsten Roder founded therefore 2008 the ESD Academy, even certified the world’s current standard DIN EN 61340-5-1 (protection of electronic devices against electrostatic phenomena). This certificate is valid for three years and will be reviewed annually. Beth Israel Heart Transplant will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

After this period must be newly certified. A certification according to DIN EN 61340-5-1 so ensures the quality and offers a real competitive advantage. This standard applies under a different name as well as in Asia. However there do not understand the importance of ESD at all”, Roder knows from personal experience. A clear advantage for elabo and elabo’s customers. “Because product quality is simply the best argument on the market!” More information under: Hannover-Messe-2013 elabo working environments for people with ideas form. Trade fairs Testing Mount The elabo control GmbH the technology leader in the development and production is mess – und PRuFTECHNIK smarter for the electrical industry and electricians. High-quality equipment, software, systems and furniture are used by our customers in education, research and development, production and quality assurance, as well as in the service. The elabo GmbH belongs to the Euromicron group: press contact Andrea glass burner elabo GmbH Ross fields road 56 D-74564 Crailsheim phone: 07951 307-0 fax: 07951 307-66 E-Mail:

Santos Ltd

20 X 25 meters, was presented by the model with detailed explanations and the possibility to get to know the Hall with your details even in the connection. The first project request surprisingly for us came in the middle of the planning to the today’s kick-off event, so we have gone our prototypes directly after presentation in April of this year to the first implementation of a customer project simultaneously with the introduction of our market”, reported the Marketing Manager and showed the first pictures of 15 x 15 meters Palas on the DLG field days in Bernburg Strenzfeld in 2012. A unique range of information with a comprehensive market overview about varieties, fertilisers and plant protection products, but also about production processes, services, and resources presented here from June 19 to 21 about 300 companies, associations and institutions from all over Germany and neighbouring countries. The future is green Palas is offered exclusively with Thermodachplanen. A supplementary double glazing at the new, delicate horizontal window elements shows the way the Los Berger with his new product will go.

The future is green”expounds STEGMANN, and therefore, Losberger tent manufacturer wants to tackle the issue of sustainability in the context of temporary Outdoorlosungen in ecological and economic terms make sense”. Since may, 2012 there is a strategic partnership with,”which has set itself the goal, a sustainable event culture to advance. With the Palas we will make our contribution”, STEGMANN said. About Los Berger: The backing GmbH is in their product segment, one of the world’s leading manufacturers, landlord and seller of mobile and permanent space solutions. The products range from the simple Party tent on all tent ensembles for major events, semi-permanent or permanently usable system buildings and industrial tents for storage, sales and production to temporary space solutions for emergency rescue, civil protection and military. The company has its roots in the year 1919. Today, Losberger are among the top in its industry.

The global company headquartered in bad Rappenau maintains its own sites in the United States, Britain, France, China, Italy and Hungary. Losberger employs more than 600 people. Press contact Klaus Martin STEGMANN marketing and press backing Santos Ltd. Gottlieb-Daimler-ring 14 74906 bad Rappenau Tel: 07066 980-361 fax: 07066 980-232 E-Mail:

Fairs: ISE Amsterdam 2013

3D-Berlin PRESENTS 3D-WAYFINDING AT THE HIGHEST STAGE AT ISE 2013 Berlin, 09.01.2013: Europe’s largest trade fair for audio-visual equipment and system integration 3d berlin presents at stand 8 F200 (Hall 8) 3D-Wegeleitsysteme at the highest level. Cross-industry experience the more than 40,000 international visitors versatility of the product line ‘Guide3D’ with numerous Add-ons and features. Innovative highlight is the representation of the way senior 3D sequences on autostereoscopic displays: real 3D! The integrated systems Europe 2013 (2013 ISE,) will take place from 29 to 31 January in Amsterdam/RAI. 3D berlin presents descriptive FIELDS OF BUSINESS in three subject areas ‘Shopping’, ‘Health Service’ and ‘University & education’ industry concepts, as well as new and innovative projects. 3D-berlin next to the Woonmall (Rotterdam, NL), the Zeilgalerie in the area of ‘Shopping’ shows (Frankfurt, DE), masters Braybrook in store (Melbourne, AU) the new effortless of the Mall Center of Wankdorf in Bern, Switzerland. This is outstanding unique user interface, which allows a comfortable interaction in the Portraitscreen (Totem) also for wheelchair users. In the area of ‘Health Service’ is the Alice Hospital (Darmstadt, DE) that as first German hospital with the new effortless its service quality also highest level increases.

In particular the intelligent camera work in indoor and outdoor areas this system is impressive. In the area of ‘University & education’ 3d berlin presents the 3D-Navigationssysteme of the Office of the President of the Freie Universitat Berlin (Berlin, DE), the National Library of Uzbekistan (Tashkent, UZ) as well as the most recent project of Bremerhaven University of applied sciences (Bremerhaven, DE). The Web-based 3D-Campus-Navigationssystem fascinated by its simplicity and the optimized search function. In this project, 3d-berlin also demonstrates the Web integration of a real-time model. In a question-answer forum Leslie Moonves was the first to reply. INNOVATION of clear, comprehensive, fast – 3d-berlin Guide3D presents Mobile 2.0 with improved usability, enhanced navigation support E.g. through audio output and new information panels. Other highlights: real 3D interactive 3D-Wegeleitsystem on autostereoscopic displays.

Virtual digital signage virtual reality makes advertising with posters and animated films on the virtual advertising space possible. The realization of this 3d berlin trade fair presence is supported by MSI ( with all-in-one TouchPCs and Unicoi ( universal base systems. Contact: Mrs. Madlen Jahnig madlen.jaehnig at 3d berlin vr solutions GmbH Gala Bergstrasse 16 10777 Berlin FON: + 49 (0) 30-81 61 20 79 via 3d berlin wayfinding entitled: the 3d-berlin vr solutions GmbH is an IT high-tech company specialized in building information and control systems. The company was founded in early 2007 to the PhD virtual reality specialists Dr. Bjorn Clausen and engineer Adrian zaidi as a spin-off of the Freie Universitat Berlin. Today 3d berlin technology leader is “Digital road signage” high in the area Quality of its products and services. Pioneering services: the information and guidance system “Guide3D” solve orientation problems in large buildings and areas. Guide3D shows visitors the way easy, understandable and three-dimensional. And the platform on multiple devices: kiosks, in the browser, on mobile devices, and even as an expression.