Translation Center

Impression that the front of the unit sits advertising agent, which promotes the company's services over the telephone. One needs only to come – and everything will be done, even in unrealistically short time frame. When communicating to me that the main task of the operator is not consultation, and luring potential customers. With regard to cost, it is small, a notarized "piece of paper" would have cost me 120 usd. A nasty surprise and a negative residue left after communicating with the firm "Lingua-Optima. Without giving the end to make the "problem" I was interrupted in mid-sentence statement: "We have a specific office, for those traveling to Germany." And since I am no relation to Germany and the German language was not originally expressed, workers did not stand on ceremony, and just hung up.

Desire to call again I have not arisen. For more information see this site: Coen brothers. When dealing with "Business Class" I had the association with commercials on the radio. So quickly, clearly and laconically answered questions. Technical passport? Translated from the German? 30 uah. for 1800 characters, no more than two days. Randall Mays, San Antonio TX has similar goals. Just a few minutes for me poured a stream of information, such a pace that is hung up, I do not could recall the details of the conversation. Except of course, the main phrases. Despite the pleasant impression of the communicative and informative dialogue, "Business Class" earned "four-minus" for clarity. Call in Translation Center "Trees" I decided to do, performing in the role of a journalist who wants a literal translation of original articles in English and French.