Spanish User

A brief explanation is given below of how you manage users, roles, and how to manage security in NetSuite. Access to data of NetSuite and NetSuite user interface is based on the definition of users, roles and permissions. Users a user is a person who accesses a NetSuite account. In general the majority of the users are employees, but the suppliers, partners and customers can also be users. Users must be created in the NetSuite system through the creation of records employees, suppliers, partners or customers. For users who have access to NetSuite, your records must include an email address, which is used as your user ID and a password. Roles the role is a defined access settings that you can assign to users.

Each role includes a set of associated permissions that determine that users can view data and can perform tasks. For example the sales user can record contacts, prospects, customers, generate campaigns, etc. each role linked to a Center. Each centre is adapted to the needs of users in a specific functional area, such as accounting or sales. One of the functions of the Centre is to determine that pages can see the user when you log on with NetSuite. A user can be assigned to multiple roles. In this case, the user has a role by default for income, and can switch between roles using the link available role change from NetSuite user interface. Example changing Roles Note: examples of roles are displayed on this screen as: administrator, controller, marketing manager, sales rep, sales engineer, person support, senior executive, etc.

Note: the user can decide in that language you want to view the information through a field of configuration in NetSuite. Including Spanish language. Management Roles in NetSuiteCon order to create and manage user access to your NetSuite account, is necessary to configure the roles that can be assigned to users.

Groundhog Day

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