The Discount Credit

The discount credit is also called the exchange credit and he is an economic development of the last century. Through the expansion of trade in the Middle Ages and the splitting of the coin business, the settlement of trading transactions in cash has been more and more difficult. Instead of cash became more frequent in the form of letters written to the payment instruction to a payment at the place of resident business or a bank. This payment instructions brgerte slowly but gradually with the term “change.” Gradually, it became increasingly common for the buyer of a product they paid so that he accepted a certificate issued by the vendor bills and promised payment of which at any given time. The change was in order for the payment. Such changes were then purchased by the before the expiry date. While the necessary interest deduction until the due date is called the discount. This was also the bill credit. Explanation of a change: The change is in a charter securitized money debt. LegalProcedural requirements are respected. Any change must include: 1 the designation as a change in the text of the document in the language in which it is issued, 2 the unconditional order to pay a certain sum of money X, 3 the name of him who should pay the, 4 an indication of the duration, 5 specifying the place of payment, 6 the name of which is to be paid to or to their order, 7 indication of the day and place of issue and signature of the exhibitor. The move is part of the order paper, as many believe the transfer of the change effected by the signature on the bill, but it is to be transferred only with the delivery of the paper, all the rights.