The Height

It's okay! We'll show you how to install the bath and in that, and in another case. First, you need to fill in the cement pillow, it will rely on her bottom of the tub. If at this point tile is laid, then, the Gulf of cement base, you can install the bath (skip to Section 4 of this instruction). If the tiles have not yet laid, then first have to do preparatory work. To properly install a bath before the tile is laid, it is necessary to lift it above the surface of the frame at the height of the tiles and a layer of mastic adhesive. To do this under the skirtings bath to put a strip of appropriate thickness. You can use pieces of plywood, cutting boards of different thicknesses, etc.

Evenly distribute the strips around the bath so that it evenly into place. Gently lower bath in the opening frame. This procedure should be performed with an assistant. When the cement hardens the base, plug in the bath to the sewer system and water supply (if required). If you are installing a bath with Jacuzzi (Jacuzzi), it's time to connect the equipment: sprayers, motor with pump, control system etc. Connect the bathtub to the power supply (voltage must be switched off until all of the installation of baths!). Close frame bath sides boards – for this purpose you can use thicker plywood, particle board or sheets of flat slate. They will serve as a substrate on which we then pasted the tile.

For fixing panels use screws with corrosion-resistant coating. Sidewall frame can be closed "tight" or to make a door. In the second case under the bath can be stored detergents and household chemicals. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Robert A. Iger . In addition, you will have access to the drain valve, if it becomes necessary to eliminate leaks and blockages. However, to make a smooth beautiful door can not everyone, so before making a decision, evaluate your strength. If necessary, refer to the professionals. Lay the tile. Promazhte sealant gap between tub and tile and between the frame and floor.