The Lost Symbol

Summary of the book ' ' The Perdido&#039 Symbol; ' The plot of the Lost Symbol follows the line of the author, who uses demasiadamente of the mysteries, religion and science. The scene of the book is Washington, capital of U.S.A., where the main personage of the book, the symbology professor Robert Langdon is invited to give a lecture. Soon when arriving at the place of the lecture, it discovers that it was been deceptive and that its old friend Peter Solomon, was sequestrado. From then on the tram starts, and if they join the Robert in history, Katerine, the sister of Peter and scientist, Sato, head of security of the CIA, running against the time to save Peter. The villain of the book, enigmatic ' ' Badly? akh' ' , he is who kidnaps Peter, in the measure where the plot if uncurls, it goes if more than discovering the history of the antagonist, which its objective and the reason of its attitudes, with certainty great trunfo of the book. Between the revelations they are also, intense doses of subjects as masonry, notica science, symbology, arriving at many moments to be very didactic running away a little from history, notica science mainly is where the narrative arrives has to be a little fantasiosa. Taking off the doses of didatismo the narrative takes the reader to be imprisoned until the end of the book, therefore although to disclose some of them, the majority for the end leaves.

To if approaching to the end it makes the main revelations of the book and the reasons for which certain personages take its attitudes and intervene with the events of the narrative. ' ' Badly? akh' ' it discloses that he is son of Peter, son who this found that it had died years before. The author erra when disclosing the main mystery before the end, therefore after the revelation the author makes look like to have more to disclose, but what he sees yourself is plus a slower narrative and with many roundups, nothing compatible with the remaining portion of the book, a short while disappointing end, but although this a book with the capacity to arrest the attention of the reader of the start to the end. Heading: ' ' The Perdido&#039 Symbol; '