The Qualcomm Snapdragon

The screen approach 3.-Nokia Aeon company that will dominate for a long time cellular telephony brings us his outfit under the name of Aeon. The main feature of this concept phone is that all of its surface is a touch screen as well as its capacity for the distribution of keys, information or what you want to deploy to him at the same time be fully customizable, including the design of the phone. So far us is not more to wait as it develops and if it really hits the market, that apparently all stay in prototype, but beforehand I think that their cost will not be precisely economic and my in particular not just me Captivate 4-Acer Liquid Acer has just unveiled its latest innovation in mobile at MWC 2010 and it has been the Liquid ean updated version of the A1 Liquid, which was the first Android handset of the brand. Coen Brothers: the source for more info. This new smartphone comes with a Qualcomm 8250 Snapdragon processor to 768 Mhz and enter other things GPS, WI-FI and a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus. The Qualcomm Snapdragon chip has a speed of 1 GHz, doubling almost the speed of current processors mounted on Android devices. It will come with the operating system Android 1.6 or Donut, by what we assume not will take much to put on sale.With the entry into the chip game Snapdragon opens the 3D graphics support. For other opinions and approaches, find out what CBS has to say. Per Note Press other major features would be: improvement in power management to help improve the autonomy of the battery for a new intensivona user interface use, with easy access to entertainment and the Favorites on the Web a camera optimized with geo tagging, self-timer and auto options accelerometer and auto focus exclusive Spinlets application that will provide for free streaming of music and video in the worldto be shared with friends and family via the web or sent by email.

In addition, the terminal It has integration to services like YouTube, Picasa or different social networks, as well as the multimedia player nemoPlayer or the Spinlets application, which allows streaming and sharing music and video. If there are no changes, the Acer Liquid will be on sale in April this year. Additional information is available at Time Warner. This is a leap in quality in hardware for very important Android terminals, and we hope that other manufacturers will join Acer.