The Subject

Diagnose the training needs of the collective of students that addresses training, taking into account its characteristics and legal and social demands. Preparing the clases.Organizar and manage mediated learning situations with teaching strategies that consider (individual and cooperative) learning activities of great educational potential and that consider the characteristics of the students-planning courses-curriculum design: objectives, contents, activities, resources, evaluation. In some cases you might want to provide for different levels in the achievement of the objectives-design strategies for teaching and learning (specific educational interventions, activities) – prepare didactic strategies (series of activities) that include motivating, meaningful, collaborative, globalising and application activities. They should the learnings that are intended to promote and contribute to the development of personal and social students. Steer students towards independent learning and promote the autonomous use of the acquired knowledge, increasing their motivation to discover its applicability-designed learning environments that they consider the use) of the media and the new instruments informatic and telematic, taking advantage of its informative, motivational and communicative value. So prepare learning opportunities for their students.

Take advantage of multiple resources and didactic contributions that can provide their different codes and languages.-consider the possibility of offering students various activities that will lead to the achievement of the objectives (to facilitate the treatment of diversity through various alternatives e) itineraries) develop the teaching website. Find and prepare materials for students, take advantage of all languages.Choose the materials to be used, the time to do so and the manner of use, taking care of the organizational aspects of the classes (avoiding a decontextualised use of teaching materials). Structured materials in accordance with prior knowledge of the students (if necessary establish levels). Find and prepare resources and teaching materials.-search for resources related to the subject-selecting the most suitable resources in every moment (according to objectives and contents, students, context.., the characteristics of the teacher.). Its didactic effectiveness depends on the success of this election and the way in which its use is prescribed) – use the various languages available.