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Bunker selected method for international event of Central University Marta Abreu of Cuba the Committee scientific of the IV workshop of the Cuban society of veterinary medicine for disaster cases, selected as a keynote speaker the Seville expert Jaime Parejo, creator of method bunker, recognized scientific and operational progress for humanity. This important event will be held officially in the Universidad Central Marta Abreu of Las Villas, Cuba since the 22nd of April 24, 2009, which will be discussed at the international level, progress in recent years related to the prevention and mitigation of disasters in the agricultural sphere.

Organized by the Cuban society of veterinary medicine for disaster cases, the Scientific Veterinary Council of Villa Clara (Cuba) and the Facultad de Ciencias Agropecuarias of the Universidad Central Marta Abreu, and sponsored by the quoted Central University, the Institute of medicine veterinary of Villa Clara (Cuba), the Cuban Association of Animal production, subsidiary Villa Clara (Cuba) and veterinary organization, Malaga (Spain). Source: James Corden. Source: CiberCuba News (Science and technology). News of Cuba. National and international news for Cubans. For more clarity and thought, follow up with california hospital medical center and gain more knowledge.. Parejo Jaime Garcia, firefighter in Seville (Spain), scientific researcher on learning and behavior of the search dog, is also considered expert and instructor of recognized prestige at international level in the specialty of canine rescue in disasters, awarded, for example, with the first prize to the investigation by the Real Sociedad Canina de Spain 1998 or certificate of distinction of the Sasakawa Award by the United Nations in 2005He is recognized worldwide its transcendent work of research and international teaching, as well as the scientific advance of the chest method, for victims in disaster reduction, being in both cases the first Spanish which are granted as relevant awards. To date has been involved in numerous claims that they entailed the burial of (earthquakes, landslides, explosions, structural failures) people in Colombia, Turkey, Taiwan, El Salvador, Spain…

directing search operations both outside and inside spaces confined in collapsed structures. Sculptor capital pursues this goal as well. He has trained, assessed and certified officially, to date, numerous policemen, firemen, military..