Urgent Challenges

We face a crossroads which brings 3 major challenges to world leaders: the peak oil, global warming and population explosion. Can we overcome them? The decisions that must be taken to reverse the consequences of these 3 big factors, must be quick and effective, but have the disadvantage, that is required of the sum of railway wills, I’m not sure that can meet. 3 Aspects that I mean have the common feature that, whether for the sake of its increase or its implications, are strongly interrelated, in addition to its aggressive potential goes in constant increase and are emerging as a real threat to our planet and the species that inhabit it. The characteristics of these three turbulent elements are as follows: 1. the peak of oil production: we are reaching a point called the zenith of oil, which means that the current production level is reaching its maximum possible value, i.e., it will be very difficult to overcome the ranges of procurement and distribution of fossil fuels. Known alternative energies are very costly and scarce, by what still not represent options viable for the masses, while research in this field, stays at a reduced and exclusive scale for poor countries. On the other hand, international analyses are ensuring that production capacity will start to decrease, for multiple reasons, while demand will increase, due to the excessive increase of the population and the requirements of electric force, it entails. This will have as result one inevitable rise of prices, so that, progressively, a smaller amount of population will have access to energy resources.

Those living in the North and South ends of the planet will have to migrate toward the Center to obtain more favourable climates and with less energy requirement. The same thing will happen with those who inhabit regions of very high temperatures. Therefore we will wait the coming of wars for the possession of the deposits and the final product. .