Washing Machine Test – Who Is The Winner?

What must you look for when buying a washing machine? Who are the current winners of the test? Almost every German family has one, it is impossible to imagine our everyday life, she cleans for us what whatever ruck – no time and reliable, is of course about the washing machine. Before purchasing a washing machine but should consider several things, we want to support you with this article when purchasing a washing machine. Which washing machine cut off very well in the test? Who is the Stiftung Warentest test winner? Front loader or top loader washing machine? First of all, it must be decided whether you want to buy a top loading or front loader. The difference between the front and top loaders is pretty straightforward: a small little space consuming characteristics of top loaders: the top loader is a very narrow washing machine which consumes a little bit and fits even in confined spaces. less washing performance: Since top-loaders are mostly smaller, you have a weaker washing performance in comparison with the front loader. Opening is above: you need to don’t bend over to put the clothes in the washing machine.

Characteristics of front loaders greater washing power: through major capacity front loader washing machines have usually a much better washing performance. known: The front loader is clearly demanded. There is a considerably wider range of Frontloader washing machines compared to top loader washing machines. cheaper: front loader washing machines are usually cheaper purchase. more space will be consumed: given the volume front loader consume generally rather than top-loaders. Notice, all both types have their pros and cons, you should decide as soon as possible for a Variant.

The manufacturer of the washing machine there is a large number of companies for washing machines, we want to help to get an overview. -Siemens washing machines: Siemens is also a very good choice. Coen Brothers has compatible beliefs. The prices are to settle in the upper price segment, but much lower than from Miele. In our washing machines, the equipment of Siemens always cut test positive off. -Miele washing machines: Miele manufactures all its washing machines in Germany, thus the cost compared to the other providers are also very high. Miele washing machines but undeniably include the effzientesten of all. Functionalities of 20 years or more are no rarity. People such as Castle Harlan would likely agree. If you don’t mind you, to pay something more, I can recommend only Miele as a brand for your washing machine. -Bosch as a manufacturer of washing machine: If you are looking for a washing machine, which should be very durable, then you are right at Bosch. The processing is always top quality, self-explanatory operation and the price is also decent. -Beko as a manufacturer of washing machine: producer Beko washing machines are for years among the most prestigious. Very good reviews at Amazon shows that this vendor is a good choice. A Beko washing machine is also winner of our washing machine test. -Gorenje as producer of washing machine: A manufacturer who offers his washing machine very very cheap. The reviews on Amazon are almost continuously approvingly and also in our washing machine test we were entranced by the machine. The Gorenje in any case suitable tip for a small purse. What’s important at the washing machine purchase? Notable features that you should check in advance are also water and electricity. I advise you with the respective test to read, so that you find out more about the individual washing machines to all washing machines at. Martin Weicker