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Press information of the German fan Portales OLYMPIA.DE 05.2008 was set up for the first time in 1996 as a themed sports server to the Olympic Games. The title is one of the oldest sports sites in the German Internet and many millions of sports-interested surfers know the prominent Web address. Initiator of the journalistic publication is the Association of the Olympic Fan Club from Kiel, producer is the Publisher of The topic Portal provides information for 12 years of the modern Olympic Games, the Olympic movement, as well as the ancient culture phenomenon”Olympia. The current edition of OLYMPIA.DE is the “XXIX summer Olympics in Beijing 2008” dedicated to. The thematic editorial began with the preparation and the qualifications of the German of Olympic team and a vision of China as of winter 2007 / 08. The online reporting with the subsequent news coverage will run until October 2008. It NET visitors are expected at this time around 2-3 million.

The magazine offers a professional sports Department, which will be updated during the days of competition up-to-the-minute. In addition to the sports news,. Etc. reports about the Olympic family, country & people are match reports, appointment scheduler, result tables, nation’s Cup, star portraits and much about the Chinese Olympic Hostcities published. The results and experiences of the German Olympic team are in the focus of the coverage. The editorial staff cooperates not only with freelance journalist, but also with press agencies and radio China International. Your contact in press matters: The German fan magazine published by Verlag 24116 Kiel, Eich Kamp 11-13 Niklas E.A.. Dany Tel. 0431 2404230 fax 0431 2404240 eMail:

Colombian World

Benjamin Disraeli: Never man devised more pernicious nonsense than in trade treaties. AN attack without precedent the inhabitants of the Guajira Peninsula have been traders for centuries and have done so without anyone to teach them: is the natural thing for those who are facing the immense ocean, a friend that serves to keep in touch with the world and next to the border, which pass through freely on one and another sense as one of the scenarios of everyday life. The guajiro have been enshrined since even before traders in that scene appear the Spanish conquerors. For decades Maicao was the epicenter of the commercial activity of La Guajira. Attracted by its geographical location came to this town people coming from different parts of the world who managed to turn the small town into a city prosperous, promising and vigorous, point of arrival and departure of goods from the most important ports of the Caribbean to several cities in Colombia and Venezuela and Colombia.

The organized employers in the country always trade in La Guajira they saw with distrust and pressed the national Government so that it imposed measures of control and so happened particularly in the 1980s when the country embarked on the so-called economic openness. It was in that same decade when local leaders, after intense negotiations with the central Government managed the creation of the area of Uribia and Manaure Maicao special customs regime and, later, the creation of the Development Fund of La Guajira. With the issued rules regulated commercial activity and ended (or that wanted to become) the stigma of considering the guajiro as smugglers and serious harm to the national economy. Various situations made trade from Maicao to lose its attractiveness and hundreds of merchants migrated to other regions and countries in search of better conditions for their businesses. Trade in Maicao became a very poor reflection of what was in the decades of the seventies and eighties and himself, practically to survive. But the survival not It was easy: should withstand new adversity as the removal of the banking entities and new restrictions from the authorities. However, the most absurd, harmful and discriminatory still to come and it came wrapped in the condemnable Decree 3038 figure, a measure made with carving just of the condemned to death, with the precise specifications to affect a victim in particular and delete it from the stage of open competition, equality of conditions and legal stability which are based on healthy economies and democracies of the free peoples. Decree, conceived so tricky and malicious, suspicious aims of eliminating trade in liquors from Maicao to favour interests other than in the Department of La Guajira.

Fortunately worktable created after the discussion promoted in good time by the representative Wilmer Gonzalez, has managed to slow the effects of the rule though, on that same stage of consultation, has been able to palpate the intransigence of those who represent the Government. Trade in Maicao and the of the Guajira have because fight against everything. Even against the incomprehension of some of their Colombian brothers who have not understood yet that trade in the peninsula is not a matter of buy and sell only but it is almost the only option of generating resources for the support of thousands of families. Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a prestigious Colombian academic dedicated to teaching, journalism and the world of conferences and seminars.

Online Time Tracking Clockodo Integrated Rechnungsdienstleister

Time recording system clockodo offers customers the possibility to issue invoices and to integrate them in a billing application of their choice Unna, 12 March 2012. Companies, agencies and professionals gather their own hours, so they are usually one step ahead the competition. But in each daily work involves in highly competitive markets always to save time. This allows the software company Hofmann & Romanek Web technology in his time recording system clockodo now in perfection. Recently customers of clockodo, it is possible to spend their working time is used for a project in a statement.

So the company can automate this step. clockodo created the invoice directly into your accounting application. In Germany, this particular, or are known. After you create the account, this is available in your account application and can be processed there. For example, it is possible on these platforms the Bill stationery or templates, to represent, to provide them with text blocks or to allow special tax rates as well as discounts and rebates are incorporated.

To reassign the customer not in each invoice, the link offers clockodo also here with an established customer of your billing application. Time tracking from the job descriptions you created the invoice items. As in all areas of the business, it is choosing the right partner, they think with in the corresponding dimension. So is clockodo always looking ahead and easy handling. Finally, it is important that you can focus on your core competencies the company Hofmann & Romanek Web technology. So the software rounds up your working hours on request and made the statement in a serious manner. First, the invoice application integrated clockodo, where other service providers can be added quickly and easily. Therefore, you can call their billing application company Hofmann & Romanek Web technology as a prospective buyer, the the software company will build timely. About clockodo: cloud service developed by the company Hofmann & Romanek recorded working hours using a stopwatch, that runs in the browser, as a desktop program or as a Smartphone app during the time to stop. Was the working time is not stopped, so it can be worn to easily and conveniently. In this way allows clockodo freelancers, agencies and companies to record their working hours and to prepare so effectively. Easy Bill: The EasyShare Balamurugan GmbH offers a complete invoice management on their home page. With help of this online software, it is possible to manage your account online and to create enterprises. So orders, offers, reminders, projects can be overlooked and processed. The company seated in Kaarst near Dusseldorf company, which today is the majority owner, was founded in 2009 by today’s tax consultant Philip and has steadily evolved. Easy Bill offers its customers even the free Possibility of experts to create a logo and the corresponding stationery. Press contact Hofmann & Romanek Web technology Moritz Hofmann at the old shaft 46 D-59425 Unna phone: 02303 676687-8 Fax: 02303 676687-9 E-Mail: info @ product website: corporate Web site: