The rules of the game of the market changed rapidly also in the service… The rest of the world is now closer than before! The radius of each individual has widened considerably due to growing mobility and the use of latest information transfer. So people are more frequent than ever before, really, or also just virtually, guest in foreign countries and companies deal with different mentalities and cultures, lead your own ideas about customs and traditions”with in their personal luggage. That this circumstance affect the structure, nature and the offer of the respective markets has, is obvious, so ensures changed expectations and takes into account changing conditions themselves. For goods, products and of course in the world of the big, international brands relevant influences have begun long and at the same time this also a tendency to global, uniform impulses originates. How do these universal exchange relations but on the service market? Excellent service provider, which began nationally and are now active in international business, shape not only the face of the environmental of opportunities, but are increasingly becoming the reference standard in the market and the customers: some have reached already brand status.

In addition to provider in this country not only by internal clients with international competition”compare, rather also customers from abroad by the transposition of experience their home markets provide an additional, new expectations. To export companies in particular, who have already gained experience with Service (s), to tell about that business calculus and best German engineering for successful placement does not always are, however, to intuitive capture of the interpersonal needs often success leads to the turning. Conclusion: Globalization has arrived already in the service. It now applies to providers on the challenges in the “Big” to set and on a small scale “to ensure excellent services and solutions.


With the globalisation, the nationalism is lost force like financial argument. But still it wakes up some restlessness and it enjoys popular pull. Repsol, the first Spanish industrial company, can change of hands. Mexican Sacyr and Petrleos (PEMEX) have signed a pact whose last aim is apparently to take control of the management of the oil one, supplanting to the present managers headed by their president, Antonio Brufau. The Government has hurried to demand " espaolidad" from the oil one and he has obtained verbal guarantees of the signers. But the difficult financial situation of the constructor, tied down by the debt of 5,000 million that contracted when it acquired 20% of Repsol, and the special condition of the Mexican – a state company holds to the decisions of the Government of turn completely are not best endorsement. Source of the news: : Brufau gains the support of the Caixa

Global Remuneration

This article has as objective to identify as the remuneration influences in the functioning of the company as a whole. In such a way, it was developed, for accomplishment of this work, a bibliographical research that marked out with buoys the development of a questionnaire to be executed next to the manager of RH of the Company & ldquo; H& rdquo; , and thus it supplies important information so that one became fullfilled an analysis and a note for the increase of the balance of the politics and inside practises of remuneration of the Company with the ones of the market and the cost and return of the people and its functions of the company. Introduction In the current Global market where the resources are managed so that if it gets of them maximum efficiency, the used human resources in this process have taken attention of the studious managers and of the administration for many times the intrinsic characteristics to the men to be responsible for the success in trying to reach the effectiveness. In this perspective the organizations have looked for to identify and to keep those people who incorporate differential to its I negotiate, and in this game to take care of its expectations, necessities and to propitiate favorable and safe environment are only some aspects of the process, but of extreme importance. This work backwards a little of this, it has intention to show that the correct management of changeable elements of the remuneration can bring the balance inside enters the practised remunerations of the organization and also with the practised one in the market. In such a way, he developed himself, for accomplishment of this work, a bibliographical research that marked out with buoys the development of a questionnaire to be executed next to the manager of RH of the Company & ldquo; H& rdquo; , and thus it supplies important information so that one was become fullfilled analysis and a note for the increase of the balance of the politics and you inside practise of remuneration of the Company with the ones of the market and the cost and return of the people and its functions of the company..

Trade Fair Construction Company

The company takes over the stand design for Internorm and Odorfer es is the largest construction trade fair in the South of Austria and around 35,000 square meters exhibition space provides more than 450 exhibitors from eight different Nations. Here gather experts around the theme building, renovating and energy saving. The fair offers a wide range of prefabricated houses, about hot tubs to the ecological house technology. Visitors did consult can spot to find a suitable partner for certain stages of the construction. 2014 fair has taken over mmd on House Builders the stand design and construction of stands for the window – and manufacturer of door Internorm bathroom and heating specialists Odorfer. The newly gained customers from Austria hired 2014 the exhibition design team for several projects, so further building fairs will follow this kind.

MMD or mma has loyal customers from Austria due to its long history and also takes over the control of the exhibition stands beyond the Austrian border. Many exciting projects for the stand builders continue to follow this year. After the successful end of the Opti Munchen, the Mido is prepared on the Milan Fairgrounds to the fullest. Also the ispo not long leaves to wait: here that takes over the construction of the Odlo stand mmd already for the third time. And then the journey continues on to Cologne to the international sweets and biscuits fair end of January. The staff of the Munich stand forward on numerous projects in the spring and can be found on almost all major trade fairs in Germany. See for more information about projects and fairs abroad.

Spare Parts

The company "Automotive" offers bus fleet, trade associations, auto parts store and everything else pertaining to the bus and trucks produced in Russia, mutually beneficial cooperation. LLC "Automotive" sells from stock in Pavlovo Spare parts for buses PAZ and its modifications Spare parts for buses LIAZ and its modifications Spare parts for buses KAVZ and its modifications; Spare parts for buses Ikarus, and its modifications Spare parts for vans Gazel and its modifications Spare parts for trucks GAZ and its modifications Spare parts for KAMAZ trucks and its modifications Spare parts for trucks ZIL and its modifications, in the company "Automotive" have special offers on a number of spare parts for buses PAZ, LIAZ, KAVZ, LAZ, trucks GAZ, ZIL, KAMAZ. At special prices realized Brake Drums ZIL, PAZ, LAZ. All brake drums are produced by certified manufacturers. Each unit has a corresponding output sertifkat quality.

Always in stock brake drums PAZ 8 mn. (RZAA bridge) and brake drums PAZ 6 mn. (KAAZ bridge), brake drums PAZ, LAZ 10 mn. ; Brake Drums ZIL, MAZ, LAZ – on the order within 3 days; Cable drives and fuel pump for CAT PAZ, LIAZ, KAVZ, Bogdan, trucks and agricultural equipment. (Also available in custom sizes to your). Realized LLC "Automotive" rope drives CAT and fuel pump are made the leading enterprises of Ukraine in compliance with all quality standards and mandatory certification of products. All submitted rope manufacturing plants have the conclusion of the bus and truck with a full confirmation of interoperability with cables installed during assembly of buses and trucks.

Too Few IT Professionals: Possible Alternative

In Austria and Germany, the same situation is evident for years: the demand for IT professionals is higher than the offer. Companies meet this basic constellation with different approaches. A possibility is outsourcing – whether to companies that specialise in domestic, in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe or to Asia such as India. Concentration on the core business increased outsourcing of IT cuts budgets and especially the low range of suitable IT specialists, go for more and more domestic technology companies to do so, to outsource parts of IT to external IT service providers. This should in particular help to focus on the core business of the company.

Local specialists in IT outsourcing have mainly the advantage over American or Eastern European companies that the communication represents a minor problem because the decisions are usually not as long. This makes it easier for crucial to be able to offer individual concepts for customers. There are some good reasons for companies to outsource their IT outsourcing increasingly towards Eastern Europe as previously discussed. The trend is clearly in the direction of Eastern Europe. The reasons for this lie in the availability of IT specialists, as well as the generally low wages.

Therefore, countries such as Poland, Serbia and the Ukraine are popular destinations for the outsourcing of IT tasks. India as a classic destination for outsourcing as well as Eastern Europe has now become especially India to the classic, if the question is where outsourcing of IT should lead. In the vast subcontinent of India, there are still more highly trained IT professionals than in Eastern Europe. Also the labor costs are significantly lower than comparable values in Eastern Europe. These two benefits are however also accompanied by severe disadvantages, resulting mainly from the complicated cooperation due to the cultural differences. This often coordinative, which again negate the objective of cost reduction problems.