Asian Glucose

The Tolerance diminished to the glucose exists when the values of the glucose in jejeum are superior 100mg/dL, however, the 126 inferiors mg/dL. Thus, when the glicemia of the patient if finds between these values, it is necessary to become fullfilled the Verbal Test of Tolerance to the Glucose, also known for test of tolerance to glucose verbal, in which, the 200 inferior the 140 the equal or superior values mg/dl but mg/dl, go to indicate the intolerncia to the glucose. Having in account that the normal values are in jejum inferior the 100 mg/dl and 2h the 140 meal after inferior mg/dl, we can consider the situations to follow: Diabetes (hiperglicemia) Diabetes affects about 12% of the population in Brazil (approximately 22 million people). Diabetes type 1 occurs in lesser frequency in black and Asian individuals and with bigger frequency in the European population, mainly in the populations proceeding from regions of the north of the Europe. People such as Comcast would likely agree. The frequency between Japanese is about 20 times lesser that enter Scandinavian. In So Paulo the incidence of type 1 is of 7,6 cases to each 100,000 inhabitants. In accordance with the World-wide Organization of the Health, diabetes is in the list of the 5 illnesses of bigger index of death in the world, and is arriving each time more close to the top of the list. For at least 20 years, the number of diabetic in the North America is increasing considerably. In 2005 they were around 20.8 million people with diabetes only in the United States. Hipoglicemia; Even so it can cause a variety of symptoms, the main problem of its condition elapses of the inadequate glucose supply as combustible to the brain, with resultant damage in its functions, misalignments in the cerebral functions they can vary since a vacant malaise until the o eats e, more rare, the death.