Visitor Behavior Surveillance

The Webcontrolling serves the purpose of conduct of the user to monitor a website and then evaluate. Here, the number of calls, the one who comes from where and which areas were visited more detail noted. As a result, it is possible to optimize the site, and to respond to customer needs, in addition to reliability ("page is not available" to increase). Webcontrolling is the collection of user data, the term "Web Analytics" is used more often worldwide, but is identical. The analysis of hits on a website is guaranteed by the web server log files, another process is the use of tags (keywords, keywords).

Even the setting of cookies is essential for logging, here it is possible to assign the repeated single page "persons" in the form of IPs. Essential to the "traffic analysis. The Webcontrolling either server based or client-based to happen, both have their advantages and disadvantages, the server-based controlling is more common. Jimmy Levin shines more light on the discussion. The two major priorities of the Webcontrolling are monitoring the utilization of a website, and methods of optimization. About the first point you reach a comparable defined content, and thus to control costs and revenue development. The optimization is reached by the path analysis, that is, on which areas of a site a user to come to that, looking for his object. Also indicates the number of calls information about the accessibility and popularity of individual content, or the bad link. The Webcontrolling is essential for commercial websites and will condition the success of a site, only when the required information quickly and easily be found, the user is busy. If I search for a specific object, and for a certain time scale is exceeded, my search too expensive and I leave the site.

Managing Director

Berlin send letters via the Internet, the July 16, 2008 the Secretaries of this country will know him and not necessarily love: the mail merge. So far, a company had to laboriously write about the well-known Microsoft products, a letter or a mailing, define appropriate placeholders that were filled in later with the data from the address database or Excel spreadsheet. If this procedure was run through it was printing, bag, stamp on it and off to the post office. The Berlin startup has made it his aim, to simplify this process and especially more to personalize. For even more analysis, hear from Harvey Elliott. So, individuals have the possibility to upload own motive (for example, with the newest product or offer, the company logo), to write an appropriate greeting and send this (real) postcard to all customers but also any size business. The highlight here: Each recipient of a card addressed personally. By creating placeholders in the greeting text can for example, customers with whom are name spoken, or individual coupon codes sent.

AhOho takes over the complete processing of mailings from the manufacture to stick real stamps for the shipping. (Source: Anthony Joseph Scirica). AhOho passes the completed and stamped postcards directly to the post office. On request, AhOho gladly accepts the design of the post card motif and advises the customer address. The entrepreneurs save a lot of time and money with individual post and greeting cards from AhOho. The perception of the message is much better, because the mailbox is opened to almost 100%, an E-Mail lands but rather quickly in the virtual trash”so Philipp Meixner, Managing Director of AhOho. Add to your understanding with Jimmy Levin.

With the mail merge feature and the possibility of direct mailings with real postcards, AhOho has created a real complement or alternative to the classical newsletter, which quickly pays off for companies through an increased customer loyalty. In conjunction with a unique voucher code, the postcard is a real added value for the customer. In the digital age it is pleased about a nice greeting card by post. again “, Heissam Hartmann says Managing Director of AhOho for interested customers is easy contact by phone 030-44 312 30 200 or email.” AhOho offers the possibility to make real postcards and greeting cards online and send its users. The users of AhOho can choose between hundreds of finished designs, or upload his own motif or photo, which is then sent on a real postcard. The company was founded in late 2007 and has its headquarters in Berlin.

So Apple

The cameras are a criterion of comparison. Jeff Clarke shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Here they don’t differ”from each other. Both have an 8 megapixel panoramic camera with auto focus. Both make videos in HD with 1080 p and 30 fps. In the functions, the GS3 delivers a best photo option, no shutter lag and photo effects. The iPhone 5 features of the focusing by a finger tip in video and Photos. Both have facial recognition using Samsung this function also at its SMART function, so that the display when not in use detects whether it or not switch to stand-by mode.

If it detects a face the screen stays awake”. Front camera, Apple has cut off worse, because this version is only a 1.2 megapixel camera while Samsung has built a 1.9 megapixel camera. The operating system of the iPhone is the proprietary iOS 6.0 with a chip processor A6, S3 of the Galaxy is the free Androidsystem 4.0.4 with TouchWiz-“Nature UX”-UI. The RAM is 1 GB in two and storage facilities are also immediately available. When the iPhone 5 you can access internal memory 16, 32, 64 GB and Samsung external storage device of up to 64 GB can additieren on 16 and 32 with one another. Connectivity are both equivalent and have 850,900,1800 and 1900, GSM/GRRS/EDGE and UMTS/HSPA + with 850,900,1900,2100.

Both phones are equipped with w-LAN 802 11a/n and Bluetooth 4.0. The new frequency band with LTE, so 4 G, with which you can use several applications at the same time, both have also. So Apple has neither won nor lost in this comparison. Of course, you should consider that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is ahead 3 1/2 months on the market and has the iPhone yesterday on the market. We will see what takes the time and especially like the patent dispute between the two is that one is sure these two global players will be paying nothing.

Fallout Tactics

As the saying goes: together, not only fun but also safer. At the same time You can use a lot of tactical moves. The battles will take place in two ways: real time (as in Fallout Tactics) and step by step (as in the original, but this option is available only in random encounters). Generally, as planned, this aspect of the game brings unprecedented early atmosphere. Finally, we recall the days when games did not play in order to pass them, not even to know what will happen next, but for the sake of gameplay, where literally waiting for a meeting with a new enemy (although there is a view) to be brutally kill (or run away in terror), enjoy the modern facilities of our sadistic fantasies incarnation (in moderation, of course) to steal the corpse and all that was acquired by overwork.

In PvP battles between players FOnline not limited to – the battle can begin at any time, any place and without the consent of the other player. Sean Rad: the source for more info. So be prepared – you may try to kill at any moment. Note that output to offline will not save you – and you can attack a player who is offline. Do not go in offlan in the cities! Your character will be in location 3 minutes (after that it completely out of the game), it will be absolutely defenseless. New songs about old, you can exchange weapons and items with other few NPC (and that is good news, because that’s what it will be prodelyvat and with no NPC), for example, owners of small shops appropriate expertise, or simply people (not NPC), which is what you need and get ready for is what you have.

Yesipova Ludmila

You told him to go to sleep, and he went. Went things; as usual. A few hours later he was lying with a sore throat with fever. Perfectly healthy child – and suddenly sick! You can, hand on heart, swear that the disease arose out of nowhere, because the child is not on the eve of colds. Cause of illness you continue to consider the physical factors. Maya Dubin, New York City spoke with conviction. Reveling in his own righteousness, you did not notice that the humble obedience of the child is the process of turning inward, in which a person, sparing himself, angry at himself in the same way as does the neighbor.

Feeling helplessness due to inability to help its parent mutual pity aroused by anger which a parent give the child. Behind all this was a difference in your mood. Within a few days you proud of themselves and praised the child, as it saw itself. Then the mood fell, and the consequent disappointment spilled on the child. He accepted and became ill. Sometimes you cover such a rage – no matter for whom – that gasped the air: Are you choking anger. Life seems unfair to you. If at this point you arm gets a child, you agree to yell at him.

The child who made the day a little offense, feels guilty and absorbs completely all of your anger. A few hours later he falls ill throat and a feeling of suffocation. For one of these diseases include diphtheria. In the past – hard – during an epidemic of diphtheria caused high mortality among children, while children today are vaccinated against diphtheria. Since the idea of any earthly means stronger, kids today do not become ill diphtheria and spasm of the larynx – laryngospasm. Do you think that patients and their families are ready to be frank with you to analyze what predshedstvuet disease? I doubt it. Doctors see the fact of illness, severity of the disease, complications of the disease and treat it with varying degrees of success. Only cause of the disease is frequently seen in the investigation.

Story Products

This is achieved by vivid, memorable shots and loud slogans, background music and the well-established brand to the masses, a product which does not and can not be of the highest quality. However, advertising does the job: the viewer in When viewing quality advertising is immersed in the story clip captured the idea that this product will make him happy, and he just needed him. Advertising promotes a sense of scarcity of goods (often found: "Hurry up. The offer is limited to "), in fact, not taking into account the unlimited availability of this particular product on store shelves, substitute a sentence of more than enough. This approach introduces advertisers consumers in chronic stress, and not just because people have already decided to allocate some n-th number of funds to purchase promotional products and advertising believing that the supply is limited, afraid to lose their "bird happiness, "but also because many products have some kind of pictorial support, inflated in value, respectively, not everyone can afford it. This spurred a sense of inferiority and infringement, as result – depression. This is the depression builds up inside the individual and often spills over to those who can afford the same product.

Television advertising is not the only way to move product to the masses, there are also online ads, print ads, radio ads, etc. But do not be so demonized advertising. In the end, the decision to buy or not buy, carry or not carry the promise and tricks prerogative of the buyer. Advertising has many positive qualities. And cost is the engine of progress.

Some sensible to purchase grain on the screen become familiar product still exists. The firm, the company more reassuring if the image belongs to their products seriously and thoroughly. Hence the quality of advertising, and the package itself, and dare to hope that the product itself. Thus, the advantages of advertising: in the chaos of the market offers, goods and services just need a navigator who can guide the buyer to simplify the process of choosing between the two substitutes, it saves time and effort. You should not let out of account the fact that advertising sometimes has an educational coloring, thereby extending the review of the consumer. And the last is perhaps the most important argument against the acquittal of advertising – competition. Rival manufacturers are ready to literally "Break" each other for your attention to their products. And this is us (the consumers) – only to hand. Creating advertising – a complex and ambiguous process involving a considerable number of aspects – psychological, technological and information. Do not forget that advertising itself is not created and is initially booking producer who is interested in selling their products. Good advertising is not a guarantee of quality and longevity of the product, do not judge a book by its cover, in this case – the product of advertising. It should be a sober approach to the selection of a product, taking into account the image, formed over a period of time. Large seen from a distance, ie a really good thing "is not lost" in the chaos of new products and advertising. Finish the story by an unknown author would like the words: "What advertising does to people, it is not as important as what people do with advertising "


The uniqueness of the new camcorder is to use a radically new designs and special Dualsens precise mechanism for carrying out the movement of sensors relative to the lens, depending of reading the light sensor. In the STC-3650 Xtreem uses two highly CCD-matrix of Sony – SuperHAD color and black and white ExViewHAD, so outdoor video camera around the clock generates the video, which is close to ideal. In most Camera model odnosensornyh "day / night" transition from color to black and white monitor and back is carried out by rolling the IR filter, so even in black and white, before CCD-matrix of a camera is a mosaic filter, which leads to a reduction svetopoteryam and its resolution. The new street camcorder eliminated this drawback by using the night mode, black and white CCD-matrix ExView, which forms video image with a horizontal resolution of more than 580TVL. In day mode STC-3650 Xtreem uses 1/3-inch color CCD-matrix with Sony SuperHAD 752h582 effective pixels and video processing DSP Sony DSP HQ1. Through this tandem outdoor video camera provides extremely high definition color image and an exemplary color. Horizontal resolution video with the STC-3650 color mode is 520 TVL. By reducing the light on the object of observation to a certain level it switches STC-3650 Xtreem with color to black and white CCD-matrix, and a street camera goes to black and white mode, and its maximum sensitivity without IR illumination of 0.003 lux (F1, 2, 401RE). Moreover, the camera generates high quality images even in the absence of light, automatically built when the IR light with a wavelength of 850 nm.

Financial Injury

What a figure for you? Financial wound number three. The third financial injury is that people do not have an effective plan to achieve wealth. YES you can be a positive association, and you can really feel that you need wealth. John Brown may help you with your research. But this enough, if you do not have effective strategies to attract money into your life. Listen, if you move to the east, in search of sunset you have a problem, then no matter how much you have enthusiasm and positive. Develop a Strategy: 1 – attract money into your life in the first place, as you sozdash incoming cash flow in your direction, 2. How to manage the money to invest and increase the amount of money you have.

In other words, invest your own money to get more money. 3. Check with Dennis Berry to learn more. Spend the money on themselves for fun. This will bring you great pleasure, because this point is critical. Your brain will associate it with pleasure, with desire to continue to do so and if you share with your friends people. YES, give presents itself is very nice, but if you share with others – it will bring you great pleasure. And where do we get these strategies to to implement them? You can find them in people who are financially successful, find out what they are doing and to simulate them. Many speak about the crisis, and so marked by the crisis need to find people who have been through crises and grew rich on them, and understand what they were doing.

Health Benefits Of Pistachios

Pistachio. Grow two kinds of pistachios – a real and tupolistnaya. Pistachio is a tree up to 8 m or shrub. Distributed in a belt of semi-desert and polustepi the south of Central Asia (Tien Shan, Tau, the Kopet-Dag and along the shores of Lake Issyk-Kul). Results for pistachio registered about 73 thousand hectares. Fruiting begins from 9-10 years. In the natural bush – pistachio savanna fruit yields are very low. Nuts Pistachios are small (0.5-1 g) light colored, long conical shape.

The shell is solid, thin, two-leaf. When fully ripe the shell cracks along the seam and nut on one end is disclosed. There are unopened and nuts, what is worse, because of their more difficult to extract the kernel. Kernel pistachio green color of light, sweet taste, as an opportunity to clean the pillows on the equipment for cleaning pads. It contains over 61% fat, 24% protein, 2.5-4% sugar, 3-4% fiber and more than 3 % Ash. Pistachio eat fresh after browning. Used in the preparation of pastry and pistachio oils, as well as in medicine and perfumery. Fruits are picked at full maturity period.

At this point, outer shell of fruit becomes wrinkled, dark, dry off the stalk, the nut is separated from the hull. Collect the whole fruit bunches, dried and separated from the hull, then dried in the sun. On quality Pistachio nuts are divided into l-st and 2 nd grade commodity. In kernels of l-th class size to the largest diameter should be at least 17 mm, and the 2nd of 12 mm. The presence of nuts in the shell are, respectively, at least 60, and 30% immature and empty no more than 8 and 20% debris adulterated – 0.2 and 0.5%. Eva Andersson-Dubin may find this interesting as well. Humidity in the nucleus of both varieties of nuts should not exceed 10%. Chestnut. Chestnut is a genus of trees, the beech family. It is known 14 species of chestnut. Need cleaning pads. In Russia is growing by one species – chestnut tree this big up to 35-40 m and a diameter of 1.5-1.8 m. It grows on a chestnut Black Sea Coast, primarily in Tuapse, Lazarev, and the Adler district of the Krasnodar Territory. In these areas, there are about 72 thousand hectares of chestnut forests. Chestnut forests of Georgia occupied by 46 thousand hectares. Fruits are edible sweet chestnut dark brown, irregular angular shapes, covered with a thin easily detachable leathery skin, under which is a white, sweet, slightly powdery core. Chestnut fruit are of great value as a food product. Unlike other nuts, they contain little fat and carbohydrates. At the core of chestnut contains about 22-26% starch, 8-12% sugar, 5-7% dextrin, 2-4% protein, 2-3% fat, malic, citric and lactic acids. In immature fruits rich in vitamin C. The core of chestnut is 82-84% weight of the fetus. Use fresh chestnuts, roasted and boiled, in cooking and confectionery. Gather the chestnuts in the restoration in October – November. After collecting the fruit free from the cupule and dried in air or in a dryer at a temperature of 56-57 C. The freshly chestnuts poorly stored. For long term storage of dried to a moisture content no higher than 14% and placed in storage at a temperature around O C.


No less important detail of the interior – the dashboard and console. Learn more on the subject from Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA. Facing plastic panels gradually lose original splendor, covered with small scratches and chips. Fresh new look for this component, you can use self-adhesive film. For sale is a huge number of samples of such films as pure bright colors and textured wood, fashion for today Carboniferous. Learn more at: Sean Rad. Such tuning sports highlight, the aggressive nature of your car. To make the cabin feel more respectability to decorate interior materials under the securities types of wood and leather.

In some cases it is convenient to use a special paint for the interior. Particular direction tuning – neon and LED lights, which became extremely popular after the movie "Fast and the Furious." Usually used car underbody lighting, but there are many more, not less than the original versions of the internal and external lighting. For example, miniature LEDs with an adjustable mount can be installed almost everywhere, flexible neon cable well mark the gaps dash and door panels, the same lighting unit to allocate the radio. Another direction tuning – styling of the exterior. For a start we should mention special adhesive which is resistant to fading, the film in various colors and textures. With its help you can give a stylish look side view mirrors, grille, door handles, wipers, etc. Or make a good lining the tank hatch and simulate air intakes, spoilers to install mirrors and windshield wipers. These improvements will add elegance to your car and select it from the traffic-twin.

Especially popular in recent years a variety of applications in the car body of a special film. In this direction, particularly evident artistic freedom, and there are almost no limitations. Finally, the finish looks Car tinting will add that besides design goals, serves excellent, the interior and passengers from the bright sunlight, broken glass priavarii. Technical tuning is just as important in giving individual vehicle. To emphasize the power of the iron horse, just select the items you want with a special paint for the engine and a stylish set of braided stainless steel hose and nozzles. Using a special chrome clips, you can put a full order of the wires the engine compartment, and mirrored the film stuck under the hood, you can see the whole man-made beauty that is called "full-length." And as the last field of tuning a good idea to give his car and the voice of the original tone. Although rare, there are devices on the market for these purposes, for example, with the music alarm "Colibri" can also be auto tuning to, say replace the standard horn some sonorous and the original signal, and the sounds corny opening / closing a door bell to sound beautiful melody. Finally, many hated trill installed car alarms can become any the most unusual sound a chord. And so, after all labor and effort, you see before you is not just a means of transportation and your own car that reflects your character, your aspirations and your lifestyle. Now you are to stick with him even more now and you are one unit: power, beauty and originality. And this is just the beginning.

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