Ceviche Flavored With Pure Peru

Ceviche is the name given to various dishes that are prepared to base of fish or seafood. The Ceviche is considered the national dish of the Peru. This exquisite soup stands out for its special flavor which combines the fresh fish and lemon. Its preparation involves marinate fish in the lemon juice which is spiced with Chili, onion, salt and pepper. This dish is so versatile that it can be prepared with fish, prawns, shrimps, squids, octopuses, among other fruits that sea Peruvian housemates. This is why the Ceviche in its many varieties delight the palate of all persons visiting this wonderful land and that prove your exquisite taste. This delicious dish can be accompanied with different fittings which may vary depending on the area of the Peru where, for example in the central coast and the North of Lima (Lima, Chimbote, Trujillo) the common accompaniments are el choclo, the cancha (toasted corn), sweet potato and lettuce, in the North (Piura and Chiclayo) are usually accompanied with chifles (fried banana cut in very thin slices) and trifle (kind of beans) among other accompaniments that make Ceviche dish that brings together flavors of the Peru.