Now 65 Times In Germany

IT-service-NET and VARIO were Software Ltd. agree collaboration interface to xt: Commerce and Gambio shop systems, are also in the program, such as document management and CRM. By recognizing the sale and acquisition opportunities on the marketing programme itself, up to the complete history of all measures, she dressed the new VARIO 7 CRM. In short all routine tasks are automated. The Neuwieder company VARIO Software GmbH and the IT-service-NET partners program network enter a strategic cooperation in the field of software marketing. The company VARIO Software GmbH is one of the most successful companies in the segment of ERP software with online interface with customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg is one of the most growing companies in the ERP industry VARIO software. At the moment, the product of VARIO 7 is just before delivery. The partner network of IT-service-NET, which is operated by the Mannheim company Saedi marketing is one of the leading German partner networks in the IT industry and maintained currently more than 65 active partners.

Together, both companies in the future want to increasingly establish the range of ERP software in the distribution channel. About VARIO Software GmbH, the company VARIO Software GmbH from Neuwied on the Rhine offers goods industry solutions for manufacturers, wholesale, retail and craft to, as well as solutions for E-Commerce and mail order. Also xt industry solutions for the textile trade, call & repair centres, service – and technician software and asset management and direct links to online shop systems from the home: Commerce and Sundar. In addition to your standard software VARIO billing VARIO offers an industry solution for the textile trade. Just in the textile trade, color, length, size, season and collection are important requirements for a goods economy, but also article list and links to your own shop represent significant demands on a system for the textile trade. When it comes to merchandise management for textile trade, sooner or later everyone on the VARIO-textile version which comes Home VARIO to. The VARIO-CARE, a system for all companies that daily guarantee and warranty, as well as the technicians planning dealing with returns processing and serial number tracking, planning and quotation for repairs, management of repair orders, RMA, dispatcher, swap, estimates, purchase of spare parts, is a more industry solution. “About IT-service-net a successful network under the motto provides nationwide IT service independently, but not alone” the nationwide IT-service-NET provides a constantly growing service for small and medium-sized enterprises for years.

The network has over 65 partners nationwide. Through a sophisticated communication of network partners with each other, everyone is the expertise of the entire group. Thus the individual partners is similar to efficiently like a small house, but at an affordable price. For smaller companies, the IT service offers. Important precautions and maintenance are provided at manageable conditions, which are used to maintain the value of IT investment. But above all the IT service ensures the security, so that the company will not be in problems. A level would be higher then the system administration, then, this includes the complete IT – services. In this case, discussed together with the customer, the service portfolio and the service at agreed times provided, a cheap alternative to a salaried, internal administrator. For larger companies support offered the existing it Department, because these are often thinned for cost reasons. In addition, that external forces are often cheaper than internal employees. Measures of this kind are customized alternatives of time, inexpensive, flexible and professional.