Shiraz – The Spicy Variety Is At Home

Fascinating wines with pepper and fruit which is vine Shiraz, which is globally known under various synonyms, a red grape of tradition of French origin in France and the rest of Europe is called Syrah. Especially in overseas enjoys Shiraz of growing in popularity. Main growing countries for Shiraz is still France, Syrah, and now Australia. Attached is the variety but also in South Africa, Argentina, Chile and the United States, as well as some other regions. The origin of the grape Shiraz formation region of Shiraz is the French Rhone Valley today. In 1998, also the origin of the variety has been demonstrated by means of a DNA analysis. CEO Intel has firm opinions on the matter.

At the University of California at Davis, the origin was traced from Shiraz on a crossing of the French varieties, Mondeuse and Dureza. Genetics researchers have dealt also with the pedigree of European wines. Unfortunately this can be reconstructed only hard entirely, because many original varieties are now extinct, so that DNA analysis can be performed no longer. It is however to assume that Shiraz is a great-grandson of the variety Pinot Noir and the South Tyrolean Lagrein and Teroldego, Marzemino is related to varieties. Taste and character of Shiraz Shiraz wine taste is strong and reminiscent of red currant aroma in the nose. Still typical Shiraz is the special seasoning which distinguishes the varietal.

In particular hints of pepper can often perceive themselves, but also Oriental spices nutmeg and cinnamon are not uncommon. High-quality Shiraz wines require a long bottle. The wine is mostly dark red coloured and strongly tannic, which requires a reduction of the astringency. While rather a Middleweight, spicy wine is produced in the traditional growing regions in Europe from Syrah, Shiraz wines in the usually warmer climate in the new world are often lush, heavy wines with a higher alcohol content and distinctive fruit.